To Purchase A Soft Mattress Or Not To Purchase A Soft Mattress, That Is The Question!

To whom this may concern,
We at SleepRite Bedding, Inc. believe that getting honest advice is important in the mattress industry because truth is what keeps strong businesses standing, that is why this site is great because it offers the truth that keeps Mattress and Furniture stores standing. In fact, I was just speaking to a customer today in our store and we validated the fact that when purchasing a soft mattress, just purchasing a mattress topper and attaching it to a firm mattress will give you both good support for your back, a longer lifespan of the mattress and the softness that you are looking for. The firm mattress will support your back better than a non-firm one because it is made out of stronger material and will therefore last longer because of its’ strength. The mattress topper will lose its’ strength over time, but by that time you could purchase a new one instead of purchasing a whole new mattress for three times the price.


Hi Sleeprite,

Thanks for visiting us and sharing some of your thoughts. I removed a couple of lines at the bottom of your post (the last 3 lines) as being too far across the “advertising” line (we don’t allow any outside advertising on the site) but I left the rest of your post because it shared what I consider to be valuable generic information.

As far as national brands go … I believe that both Restonic and Therapedic are much more in line with the goals of this site than many of the larger national brands and tend towards more transparency about the materials they use in their mattresses. Based on the feedback I have received, they are also more responsive to consumer and retailer needs than many other national manufacturers.

Having said that though, it’s sometimes a little frustrating that with licensing groups … the specs and names of the mattresses in each region not to mention the various house brands that each produce can vary so widely from region to region or outlet to outlet. In particular the amount and type of polyfoam and/or other quilting material which is added above high quality foams like latex or used in support layers is often difficult to find out. It would sure be nice if you would put the specs of your mattresses on your website similar to Clare Bedding and a few other regional licensees. This would help a great deal in making more meaningful comparisons between various models and even brands of mattresses.

I appreciate that you took the time to visit.