To rotate or not to rotate? And how often?

I have had my latex mlayered mattress for a year now. I am wondering if i should rotate it to promote even wear?? Should it be done now or can i do it every two years?

Also, would one ever flip the individual layers to use the other side of the latex? Clearly, you cant fjust flip the entire thing bc the layers are different comfort layers, but flipping individual layers but keeping them in the same tier is what i mean?

Hi brc722,

Flipping and rotating a mattress on occasion (flipping if it’s two sided of course) is always a good idea to even out the wear and you can see some suggestions about the frequency in post #2 here.


Thanks! Looks like i totally missed the ball on any initial rotating! Was so happy to get the mattress installed, had no thoughts of rotating it so soon after purchase! Oh well.

Does anyone ever unzip the cover and proceed to FLIP EACH latex layer individually , while making sure the firmness levels stay in the same position? Ex. Top to bottom- Med/Med/Firm, each layer flipped , but remains M/M/F configuration. Would this scenario only be necessary when the entire surface area of the mattress has had years of use & flipping the layers inside the mattress cover would just squeeze out more use?

Hi brc722,

The post I linked included a suggestion to do this once or twice a year and it can help a little with durability although I would probably only do it with the top layer since this would make more difference than flipping the deeper layers which don’t compress as much.