To top or not to top - that is the question.

I recently bought a 6" Talalay Cal King firm mattress from Escondido Mattress Factory . I love, love, love this purchase and while both my husband and I have been sleeping very well, I am having a bit of an ache in one of my hips. Wondering about either getting a mattress topper, preferably Talalay, for either the entire or bed or for maybe just my side? I am a back and side sleeper, mostly back, seldom sleep on my tummy although I will for a brief period when I first wake up shift to that position, but never sleep that way, and when I do it is VERY comfortable on this mattress. Any suggestions besides the chiropractor? :lol:

Hi Sandigee,

Post #2 here (and the posts it links to) should be helpful for choosing the thickness and firmness of a topper based on your actual experience on your mattress :slight_smile: