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Please help in providing your opinions on which mattress to select for my 2 year old daughter. Several months ago, I decided to purchase a full size mattress, thinking it would be a couple hundred dollar purchase after seeing some advertisements. I started researching a little further and that’s when I discovered all the chemicals involved in most mattresses. I’ve tried educating myself as much as possible and I’m just at the point where I’m reading too much and getting overwhelmed and just need to narrow it down and make the best decision I can at this point. I’m a very indecisive person in general and on information overload at this point. I’ve had time to save more funds but I am limited to $1000.00 budget for a mattress and foundation. Much of my research has come as a starting point from this MU site so I want to start off by thanking you so much! I feel confident that all of these choices noted below are a good quality/value using high quality materials but I’m having hard time narrowing it down. I’m just hoping your recommendations, additional feedback and pointers will help me make a final decision.

My daughter has always co-slept with me in my hand me down King Size pillow top mattress with box springs that has an older memory foam topper. I’ve read any and all of the links that you can imagine from this MU website. Educating myself has led me to know I want to purchase a Latex Mattress with the best materials my budget can afford. However, I feel comfortable with polyfoam that is Certipur-US certification but of course natural latex would be better. I want this mattress to be just as suitable for my daughter 10 years from now as it will be today if that is possible without having to buy additional layers/toppers. I live about 20 miles west of Richmond, VA in zip code 23832 and choices are very limited to try out latex varieties. Although I haven’t been there, I feel my dream mattress would be But with the foundation, I am looking at a $2,794.00 total, which is almost 3 times my budget. I’ve been to Haynes and OMF in my area and tried out their very limited latex mattresses. They are comfortable but they were all in the price range of around two thousand and my gut tells me if I’m going to go that far over my budget, I should go a little more and purchase the Cozy Pure.

To stay in my budget, it appears the best value would be either the DreamFoam Mattress Ultimate Dreams Latex or their Ultimate Dreams Freedom. I have a coupon for 10% off that expires soon and with the simple life foundation, my total would be anywhere from $620-$700 for either choice. I know the materials are not as good as natural latex but they don’t seem as if they would be harmful either. Any of these choices would have to be an improvement from what my daughter has been sleeping on with me, unknown to me until a few months ago. I’ve emailed back and forth with Chuck a few times and he recommends I go with a Comfort Level 7 (24 ILD) since she has been used to sleeping on memory foam, but not any higher to keep the base firm enough for her developing body. This mattress will also be used for occasional guests since all my family members live out of town and visit periodically. However, when I started questioning information about their UD Freedom, Mario then recommended this Freedom over the UD a little more because of the custom layers it offers as she grows. He states to get the equivalent comfort level 7, I would need medium on the bottom, firm in the middle and soft at the top. He does state that I will be losing some of the natural latex that I would get in the UD Latex, but said both are very close in materials and wouldn’t make a difference because even the Talalay Latex has a good portion made of synthetic latex and reminded me that all of their foam is made in the USA Certipur but that the Freedom is all synthetic Dunlop. What are your thoughts between the these two for my daughter? I noticed the Freedom has a cotton cover instead of the bamboo. What are your thoughts between on the covers as well?

In another link I noticed you stated that the Spindle mattress Latex Mattress - Spindle uses “100% natural Dunlop that is made by Mountaintop foam with a continuous pour process.” After reading your explanation of this continuous pour process, I know that this will be softer than the molded Dunlop. Because I want the mattress to be what she uses until she’s an adult, I think I should only be interested in the 10’ which pushes me slightly over budget at $1045 plus another $213 for the foundation ($1,258 total). Going a little over budget may be okay if it will suit my needs for her now and in the long run. Just worried about it being too firm with all sections being Dunlop. I do like the idea of this Dunlop as the support layer possibly for better durability/longevity. I discussed this mattress with Neal and he recommends the soft top, medium middle, and firm base. He states I can put the soft top on the bottom for a few years if I find it is too soft initially (which I’m doubting will be the case). They are in a zipable top cover that cannot be washed. He recommends turn the mattress every 6 months but states each layer doesn’t and shouldn’t need to be flipped because with latex if there is an indention on one side, it will go through to the other side. Any comments are thoughts on this mattress? They do not offer any latex pillows with the purchase of their mattress. I’m guessing this is a quilted organic cotton with wool batting cover? Or is this a stretch cover.

I’ve talked with both Shaun and Jeremy and another option in my budget is the SleepEZ Roma which uses 9" all natural latex 2 sided mattress for a cost of $660 and another $225 with their foundation ($885 total). It only offers a medium plush on one side at 26 ILD and firm at 40 ILD on the other. It contains 6" of 100% natural Dunlop and the cover is ¼" rayon and 1 ½" flex foam on each side. 5% doesn’t apply bec it’s the current special but I get one free latex pillow. Do you know additional details about this mattress or have an opinion compared to the Dreamfoams above? Do you know if this medium plush size is a softer or firmer feel than the Comfort Level 7 on the UD? I noticed on one MU post someone noted that the Roma uses soy foam and Rayon. Jeremy states this is a stretch cover which affects the feel. Since you would be laying directly on the flex foam, would this soften up the medium plush latex or make it firmer?

Shaun actually recommends the SleepEZ 8" Special over the Roma which is $1195 and another $225 with a foundation ($1,420 total). This includes two 3" natural molded Dunlop latex and one 2" natural talalay latex. He recommends firm base, medium layer, with the soft talalay topper. 5% doesn’t apply bec it’s also the current special but again, I would get one free latex pillow with a full size. 20 year Warranty is 10 years non prorated and 10 years prorated. Shipping is included in the first 10 years of warranty. If I need to swap out a layer within the first 90 days, it is $30 and that includes shipping. However, it notes $95 on their website so I may have heard this wrong. It’s a zipper rayon/cotton stretch cover which affects the feel because you are laying directly on the latex. I’m guess this will allow you to feel the conforming talalay top layer. Shaun states that the biggest different going up to their 9" and higher include the cotton/wool quilted cover resulting in a padded feel and the option to change from Dunlop to Talalay for all layers, which he doesn’t feel is worth the price increase for my daughter.

Another option may be Full Naturalux Latex Set, all natural dunlop core with 2"natural talalay in cotton cover. Upgrade topper is $85. Full core 6" in one piece but can be seperated into two 3" layers of the same firmness. Im not sure if this is a zipper cover or what type of fabric is used. I believe this comes with the foundation for a total price of $1325. How do you feel about this mattress compared do the Spindle or SleepEZ above? Mattress is 8" thick.

They also have the Full Adjustable Ultra Plush Latex Sleep System (Blended), #1 Selling Latex Mattress- Adjustable Ultra Plush, Latex Mattresses-Talalay and Dunlop, All Products which is $1040 with a 2" topper and add $75 to make this 3" topper and another $229 for foundation. Jeremy recommends at medium base and soft topper. Looking at a $1,344 total. I believe this is a zipper cover. This is only slightly higher than the previous mattress. Mattress is 9" thick. I’m confused on what the differences are between the two.

I really need to make a decision very soon. I’m expecting a child in 10 weeks and need to get her transition to her own room, which will be a huge challenge. I imagine I will spend some time in her bed myself to gradually transition her. I would like this mattress as soft as possible without it affecting her alignment as he grows since it seems children require firmer mattresses. I’m so scared making this purchase online without touching and feeling it first but have found my quality options in comparison to my budget are just not available in my area. Please help! My apologies for this being so long!

Hi amy0901,

While I can’t tell you which mattress to choose because each person (or parent) may have different preferences and criteria that are important to them (see mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here) … I may be able to help with “how” to choose the mattress that you are most comfortable purchasing for your daughter (and for your guests).

The first step would be to decide on the materials you are most comfortable with and post #2 here may be helpful with that part of your choice. I would tend to avoid memory foam for children (partly because of potential sensitivity issues and partly because it can be too soft for children).

Post #2 here includes links to the better forum posts and topics about mattresses and children that should give you some useful information and guidelines and should also be helpful. They also include links to many different options that would be suitable for a child (and would be inside your budget) including several that you mentioned.

Both of these come in a wide range of firmness options so which one was softer would depend on the specific firmness level you choose. Either one could be softer or firmer than the other.

I would keep in mind that your daughter will be growing and developing and her needs and preferences may be very different in 10 years than they are now. Most children do best with a mattress that is in the firmer range but as they grow and their body develops they may need some additional softness in the comfort layer to help with pressure relief (depending on their body type and sleeping positions). If you are looking at a component mattress I would tend to look at thinner mattresses initially (such as two 3" layers) which will be fine for her now and then add a topper when and if she needs it. If you are looking at finished mattresses then I would tend to choose something in the “medium firm” range (which isn’t an exact firmness rating but most manufacturers would know which of their options would be suitable for a child).

It may also be worth choosing a firmer mattress and a separate topper so that your daughter can sleep on a mattress that is firmer and your guests that prefer a softer sleeping surface can add the topper.

The better options or possibilities I’m aware of in the Richmond, VA area are listed in post #5 here.

All of the options you are considering would make a good choice and don’t have any weak links in their design or materials so when you are down to finalists that are choices between “good and good” and there are no clear winners between them then your final choice (see post #2 here) will really depend on which one is the best “match” for all the objective, subjective, and intangible parts of your personal value equation that are most important to you … but only you can decide which one is “best for you” because any of them would make a suitable choice for your daughter.


Thanks so much for your quick reply! I definitely do want to avoid the memory foam. Do you feel that the UD Freedom materials of all synthetic Dunlop are considered better than the materials in the UD with polyfoam and talalay? And is the flex foam in the Roma considered polyfoam or is that like memory foam? I’m thinking I need narrow these 3 low budget choices down to 1. Then I want to try to narrow down the others, Spindle 10", SleepEZ 8", and the two from Then it will help me decide if I should lean towards staying below or above my budget. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

Hi amy0901,

That will really depend on how you define “better”. It would have a different “feel” from the blended Talalay in the UD latex mattress. There is more about the different types and blends of latex in post #6 here. There is also more about the differences between Talalay and Dunlop in post #7 here and synthetic Dunlop would be less “supportive” and resilient than natural Dunlop.

In terms of durability … most synthetic latex would be more durable than most polyfoam but the most important factor in the durability and useful life of a mattress is the quality of the materials in the upper comfort layers and both of them have latex in the top layers so both of them would be a durable choice for lighter body weights that don’t compress the materials below the top layer of latex. There is more about the many variables that can affect durability and the useful life of a mattress in post #4 here but none of the mattresses you are considering have any weak links in terms of durability.

In terms of safety … the synthetic Dunlop is Oeko-Tex certified which is a certification for harmful substances and VOC’s that is a little more stringent than the CertiPur certification* used for most polyfoam although both of them would most likely be “safe enough” for most people.

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In terms of how they “feel” and perform … the choice between different types of materials (assuming they are all good quality relative to their budget range) is more a matter of preference and budget than a “better/worse” choice.

I would also be cautious about using a soft layer of synthetic latex (or any material) in the top layer of a mattress for a child because they will generally do better with a firmer sleeping surface. If you did choose the Freedom mattress then I would use the medium on top and either put the soft on the bottom or I would remove it completely and replace it with a firm layer of polyfoam on the bottom (for the sake of cost) until when and if they need a softer layer on top of the mattress when their body matures and becomes more “curvy”.

The flex foam in the Roma is polyfoam and would be similar to the quilting polyfoam used in the cover of the Freedom mattress. There is more about the Roma here.