too hot with latex. Any more info on technogel????

Bought Bliss Essence king from Healthy Back store nearly three months ago. Have realized I am a stomach sleeper and it is too soft, but more importantly I wake every couple of hours because I’m too hot. The salesman has been very nice and will take it back. I just don’t know what to get. The tempurpedic make me feel claustrophobic and very hot. The only other option there is the technogel which I still can’t seem to find any current information on.
Questions: They will refund money. But I still don’t know what to get. Utterly confused.
Is there any new info on technogel? What works best for stomach sleeper. I had back problems a couple of years ago, but they have resolved. I have been achy when I get up after the softer feel of the Bliss Essence. Return time is getting close. Will be very very grateful for ideas. What type of mattress should I get if I do return and get money back vs. even exchange for Technogel

Hi Territwin,

The Essence at healthy Back is the equivalent of the Pure Latex Bliss Nature except it has Celsion in the top layer instead of regular memory foam. The “new name” for Celsion is either Talalay GL fast response (which is the name used by Latex International) or Active Fusion fast response (which is the name used by Pure Latex bliss). Talalay latex is generally the most breathable type of foam and Celsion adds some phase change gel to this so it would be a little cooler yet.

I’m mentioning this because the reason the mattress may be sleeping a little warmer for you may have to do with reasons other than the type of foam used in the top layers of the mattress. There is more in post #2 here about the different factors that can play a role in sleeping temperatures and it may be that the issue in your case is either how far you are sinking in to the mattress or the type of protector, sheets, or other bedding you are using over the mattress which can have just as big an effect on temperature as what is in the mattress itself.

Memory foam as a material is warmer than Talalay latex but again the material itself is only part of the reason that particular mattresses sleep warmer or cooler for different people.

The Technogel mattresses have a 1" solid gel layer inserted into polyfoam. The gel itself is a very strong and durable material but of course it is only 1" of the total materials in the mattress. There is more about the different types of gel materials and gel itself in post #2 here (including this one which would be an example of #5 in the linked post).

The most important question to ask would be …

Does this mattress better “match” my needs and preferences (there is more about the two basic “needs” and the many preferences involved in a choice of mattress in post #2 here) and if it does a better job at these … is it worth the extra price of using more expensive materials.

If the answer is YES … then for you it would be a good choice. If the answer is NO … then for you it wouldn’t.

The material itself is high quality and very strong and durable but also expensive and there may be other ways to reach the same end goal which is the pressure relief and alignment that you need and the sleeping temperature (and other preferences) you prefer.

There is some general information here about the needs of a stomach sleeper vs other positions but in general stomach sleepers need thinner firmer comfort layers than other positions to prevent sleeping in a swayback position and the issues of spinal alignment (and pain) that goes with it. If you also sleep in other positions … then the thinnest firmest comfort layers that provide good pressure relief in your other positions will generally provide the best alignment when you are on your stomach.

This is a question that only each person can answer for themselves because each person has different needs and preferences. What you “need” is a mattress that provides you with pressure relief and alignment in all your sleeping positions (and different combinations of almost any material can do this) and also provides you with the temperature regulation you want and the durability that makes the price you are paying worth it.

This means that cooler materials and mattress designs (such as firmer comfort layers where you don’t sink in as much) should be a priority. This includes latex (the coolest of the different types of foam groups) or if you choose memory foam then at least it should be a type that is cooler (either a gel foam or more breathable memory foam in the top layers). Natural and more breathable fibers such as wool and cotton in the quilting and ticking layers and in your mattress protector and sheets will generally be cooler than synthetic materials. The thin mattress protectors with a “breathable” membrane will be less breathable and warmer for example than those that don’t have this membrane but they would only be water resistant or moisture absorbing rather than waterproof. Good quality cotton, bamboo, or linen sheets will also be cooler than polyester sheets or blends. Sleeping temperature is always a combination of several factors and if the other factors will bring you to the sleeping temperature you prefer … then it may not be necessary to use more expensive materials in your mattress to get the same result.