Took the plunge

After reading a ton of information on this site. I decided to order a new bed today. Changed my mind several times but kept coming back to the one I ordered. Can’t wait to try it. Having it shipped to me vacation house in Maine and will be trying it out in about 4 weeks. I ordered the Reverie 8Q for the base and from Brooklyn Bedding I ordered the PureCool Series Supreme all in Queen.


It sounds like you did some good research and I think you made some great choices … and congratulations on your new mattress and adjustable bed :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to your comments and feedback when you receive them in 4 weeks and have had the chance to sleep on them for a bit.


Thank you. I will report back. The Adjustable frame is already delivered to Maine (fast service for sure!). The Mattress has shipped and will be there Friday the 6th. We unfortunately will not be there until March 20th. Looking forward to trying it all out. I have already downloaded the 8Q app on my iPad for the remote and will download to my wife iPhone 6 as well. Very excited about this purchase as you can see! B)