Hi elapid95,

Just like buying a mattress for the home … there are many variables involved in choosing a camping mattress that fits the type of camping you are doing. It can depend on the weather you will generally encounter and how insulating you need the mattress to be to protect you from the temperature and moisture of the ground, the importance of weight, the importance of the size it can be compressed to, how often you use it, the importance of “comfort”, how easy it is to set up (self inflating etc), the amount you are willing to spend, and other variables as well.

When I did some extensive long distance bicycle touring I used a classic Thermarest self inflating mattress like this although space and weight were my primary considerations and they certainly aren’t as “comfortable” as a home mattress.

While they don’t have that model available any more … they now have many other options available that would be suitable for different preferences and different types of camping and there are some guidelines on their site here that can help you choose between them.

REI also has some good information about different camping pads/mattresses on their site here and have a wide range of choices (including Thermarest) as well.


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