Topper and Latex Mattress

I gave Arizona Premium Mattress Co. a call today and my husband and I are headed up to Phoenix Saturday to try out some mattresses! I am also ordering a 3" topper to tide us over until we get our mattress. This site has been invaluable in our search for a new mattress and we are excited to “fine tune” our comfort selection in person.

I was wondering if anyone else has chosen to put an additional latex topper on their new latex mattress and what their experiences have been. We are thinking that perhaps it will add to the longevity and flexability of our new bed.

Thank you for all the great information.

Hi Vlad101,

There have been many forum members who have done just that to fine tune their mattresses but it would take some digging in the forum to isolate them in searches. It is also a popular option with some of the Pure Latex Bliss mattresses although their toppers are much softer than many manufacturers are comfortable with and other manufacturers such as Berkeley Ergonomics also offer toppers that are an optional part of their mattress or sleeping system.

The upper layers of a sleeping system are the most prone to mechanical compression, softening and wear so if you add a topper to any mattress the topper itself will be more subject to stress and soften and wear out faster than the deeper layers but they will also lengthen the life of the deeper layers as well. If you have a mattress where the top layer can be replaced, then replacing the top layer inside the mattress or replacing a topper would be six of one and half a dozen of the other. Either way the top layer will add to the durability of the layers below it but will soften faster than the deeper layers.