Topper for #BestMattressEver

I have had a medium firm #BestMattressEver for 6 weeks. I avoided buying a soft version because of lower back issues on my old innerspring, But now I am having some pain on pressure points (I am a side sleeper, 5’ 4", 140 lbs). I put my old 1" memory foam topper on the mattress, but it doesn’t help enough. I would like to try a 2" latex topper from SleeponLatex,. I called Brooklyn Bedding and they said toppers are okay. But the one I would like to get is a soft, 20 ILD Dunlop latex. The top layer on the #BBE is Talalay 28 ILD, with a 32 ILD Dunlop layer underneath…

My question is: would the Dunlop topper be too heavy for the Talalay layer on the mattress and ruin it over time? I am afraid that if I exchange my medium mattress for a soft, I would be stuck with it if i didn’t like it.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Hi carmeltop,

I’m sorry to hear that your mattress firmness choice didn’t work out for you as well as you hoped for but the good news is that you had the foresight to choose a mattress that has a great return policy so you can try out the mattress in your bedroom instead of a showroom without any risk.

A 1" topper is thinner than most toppers so it’s not surprising that it wouldn’t add “enough” additional softness and pressure relief.

No … a topper certainly wouldn’t be too heavy and won’t damage or ruin any mattress (latex or otherwise). A suitable topper can also help extend the useful life of the mattress underneath it because it will absorb much of the compression forces that can soften or break down the top layers of the mattress underneath it over time.

If the only issue with a mattress is that it is too firm then a good quality topper can certainly be an effective way to add some additional softness, “comfort” and pressure relief to your sleeping system but the only way to know for certain whether a specific mattress/topper combination is a good “match” for you in terms of comfort, firmness, and PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and your own Personal preferences) is based on your own careful testing or personal experience on the combination. If you can’t test the combination in person then there will always be always some risk and uncertainty involved in adding a topper because the specifics of the mattress itself along with your own body type, sleeping position, and preferences can affect which specific topper would be a suitable choice on any specific mattress.

There is more information about choosing a topper in post #2 here and the topper guidelines it links to which along with a conversation with a reliable and knowledgeable supplier (that can provide you with good information about how their toppers compare to each other or to other toppers they are familiar with that are available on the market) can help you use your sleeping experience as a reference point and guideline to help you choose the type, thickness, and firmness for a topper that has the least possible risk and the best chance for success.

A good exchange/return policy can reduce the risk of an online topper purchase so if you aren’t confident that a specific topper will work well for you on your mattress I would always make sure you are comfortable with the options you have available after a purchase just in case the topper you choose also doesn’t turn out as well as you hoped for.

Since you still have a fair bit of time left on your trial period if a topper also has a good return/refund policy then you can try out the combination without risk and still have the option to return both of them if it turns out to be necessary by the end of your trial period.