Topper for innerspring mattress

I finally had to replace my 13 year-old Tempurpedic. Didn’t want to invest in a new one, especially with so-so reviews and more warranty claims than with the old one. Thought I wanted latex after sleeping on one at a hotel (who couldn’t give me any information on their mattresses other than that they came from Germany). I tried PlushBeds with comfort layer of 2" Talalay of 24-29 ILD. It was WAY too hard and I didn’t want to deal with swapping out layers. Local was easier (we’re older) so I got a Posturpedic High Point hybrid firm. The one delivered was probably 10-15% softer than the one in the showroom and after a month I felt like I was in a squishy sink-hole. I took the Posturpedic Satisfied II Firm that my husband thought wasn’t firm enough, but it’s like sleeping on the floor. So now I want to convert it into my own hybrid with a Talalay latex topper - I just can’t decide what thickness and ILD.

I am 5’2" tall, 128 lbs. solo sleeper in a queen. Primarily back sleeper but maybe 20% side. Hips and shoulders are the problem as I have fibromyalgia, but still need the lower back support. I was thinking maybe 2" of ILD 19 Talalay since the 24-29 was way too hard. I want some cushion but don’t want hip bone to “bottom out” if I’m on my side. Would prefer to keep it to 2" if I can, as the bed is already quite high for me. Tempurpedic changed the type of foam in their topper and it gets horrible reviews now - and is outrageously priced. Most of the memory foam ones get so-so reviews. With allergies I’d rather not go “pillow top” topper. Would appreciate any / all feedback and suggestions.

Thank you!

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Thanks for sharing your reflections. Softening up a too-firm is a very reasonable solution and the concern about bottoming out in a too-soft topper is one we see a lot in the forum and I think your idea to buy a latex topper is a good one.

I also agree with aiming for the softer side. Anything up the mid-teens to low-twenties in terms of ILD is considered plush. 19 is plush/soft without being excessively so. I think that’s a good number to aim for, of course, keeping in mind that feel is subjective and while the charts claim this to be “soft” it may feel “super soft” or “medium” to you depending on your needs and preferences.

I think the best thing you can do is choose a provider with an excellent exchange policy so that you can try something softer or firmer depending on how the 19 ILD ultimately feels on your mattress.


Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately most companies don’t offer the same return / exchange options for toppers as they do for mattresses. They call them a “personal bedding item” (although I don’t see how they are any more personal than a mattress). I did find a company, Naturally Nestled, that has a 30-day return policy for toppers. Their prices are more reasonable than most so I’m a little skeptical but since it’s returnable, the worst it could be is getting it back in the box to return :wink: It is organic latex, Dunlop process. Their “soft” is ILD 20 and I ordered 2" thickness.

My husband decided on something else right after I submitted the order to Naturally Nestled. I was going to call to cancel the order but there’s no phone, no chat. What kind of company doesn’t have a Customer Service phone #? (And I see they are one of your trusted companies). Thirty minutes later and the credit card charge is pending. I tried emailing, we’ll see - may just have to decline the charge. Hopefully they see the email before they ship. Frustrating.

Fortunately they were very responsive to e-mail. I received a reply this morning confirming my cancellation.

Hi BLK56.

Thanks for keeping us in the loop about your cancellation experience! We look forward to hearing your experience with your new topper as well, whenever it arrives.