Topper for Roma?

I ordered a Roma mattress in 2018. After the initial break-in period, I have been very pleased with it. I was 160 - 180 pounds much of the time, but this last year, I have dropped down to 130 pounds or less. I like the firmness, but I’ve gotten bonier and think I might need to add a topper. Would that be the suggestion? Something like a 2" soft topper?

Hello and thank you so much for coming back to Sleep EZ! Thanks for the update, I’m very glad to hear the mattress has been working out for you! Also, congratulations on the weight loss! To answer your question, please keep the following in mind when choosing a thickness for your topper: A 2" topper will make a noticeable difference but, depending on how much you want to change the feel of your mattress, may still leave something to be desired. The 3" topper will change the feel of your mattress the most, and if that’s the change that you’re looking for then this would be the best bet. The best way to summarize it would be to say that a 2" topper will make the mattress feel moderately softer and the 3" topper will make the mattress feel much softer.

Both the thickness and the density makes a difference when choosing a topper. Ultimately, how you make your decision will depend on the following: how firm your mattress is now; how much softer you want your mattress to be; your height, body weight, and sleeping preference (For example, if you weigh more than about 200 lbs I would recommend a medium topper; if you weighed more than 200 lbs and bought a soft topper, you would likely bottom out and sink right through the topper to the firm mattress that you’re trying to move away from).

Aside from that, Talalay is bouncier and springier and is generally better at contour and pressure relief on your hips and shoulders. Dunlop is denser and firmer and is generally better at support and maintaining proper spinal alignment so Talalay is much more common for toppers.

As such, I definitely recommend soft, I normally recommend Talalay but that’s up to you a bit, and your choice between 2" and 3" will depend on how much softer you want it to be. I recommend 2" soft Talalay, but it’s totally up to you!