Topper for Tempur-pedic contour

A year and a half ago my wife and I purchased a Tempur-pedic Contour matress, and I haven’t gotten a really good night’s sleep since. The matress is very hard. I’m a side sleeper and I wake up during the night with terrible hip pain. For the past month I’ve been sleeping with a cheap foam rubber pad on top of my half of the bed, and the pain isn’t so bad.

Instead of buying a new matress I’d like to try a topper with the Tempur-pedic, but don’t know what type would give me the best chance of solving my hip-pain problem.

Any help welcome


Hi RiclatRichard,

The good news is that most of the Tempurpedic mattresses (although not all) use good quality materials and may be very suitable for “fine tuning” with a topper to provide the extra pressure relief you need. It would be helpful to know which Tempurpedic model you have as well as your body type and sleeping positions (besides just side sleeping if you sleep in multiple positions).

Post #8 here will give you some guidelines which would be helpful in making the best possible topper choice in terms of thickness and material.

I would also tend to stick with the type of material you are most familiar and comfortable with (which is probably memory foam) so that you have less variables to deal with unless you also want to test other materials and combinations in local stores to see how they feel and perform and whether you prefer them over memory foam. A topper will affect how the layers underneath (in the top layers of your mattress) will feel and perform as well so this needs to be taken into account in your choice of topper.

Some of the better online options I’m aware of for toppers are listed in post #4 here although there may also be some local options available to you as well.

Hope this helps


Thanks Phoenix. I’m 6 ft 1, 190 pounds. Im predominately a side sleeper. I try to sleep on my back, but end up on my sides. I’m not sure which particular Contour I have. The model number is 3310246150. I bought it at the Healthy Back Store. Are the employees there trained to help with these type problems? I’ll check out the linked threads.

Hi RiclatRichard,

You are not particularly heavy but the mattress you have can make a difference whether you wanted to lean towards a thinner or thicker topper (depending on how much soft foam you already have in your mattress and on how much you were willing to risk losing some of your support).

It should say the name of the model you have on the law tag. The retailer is usually the first place I would go with these types of issues and they would also be able to look up which mattress they sold you. In the case of Healthy Back my experience with them has been good and they typically are quite knowledgeable and helpful … or at least the ones I’ve talked with have been. They also sell memory foam toppers which would likely solve the problem.

The Contour Select has 4" of 5.3 lb memory foam with the top 1.2" layer being softer and the next 2.8" layer being firmer over a 6" polyfoam base layer and is firmer than the Contour Signature which also has 4" of memory foam but the top layer is 1.6" of the softer memory foam version and the next layer is 2.4" of the firmer memory foam version and this is over an 8" polyfoam base layer. Either way … you could test the topper they carry on the mattress you have to see how this felt and performed (and take lots of time fully relaxed in all your sleeping positions to test the combination). My guess is that you have the Select and it’s quite likely (but subject to your testing confirming it) that the 2" memory foam topper they sell would solve the pressure issues.