topper suggestions

We recently bought a new mattress, and after considering the retailers in your Vancouver, BC posting ending up going with the Edsele (85% Dunlop, 15% synthetic) from Ikea (Renelle doesn’t sell direct to the public, Foam and Home Decor will custom build you a latex mattress but has no demos and Parker has terrible customer service). My wife and I are both about 130lbs and mainly side sleepers, although sometimes I end up on my back. I have a history of minor back issues (nothing major though). We slept on the mattress for the first time last night and back is a little sore this morning. Although i like a firm mattress I think this one is just a little too firm. I am going to give it a few days, but have two questions:

  1. Does it make a huge difference if the mattress is on the floor as we haven’t put together our new bed yet? Wondering if we are likely to see any huge differences once we get it on the Laxeby slats at the weekend.

  2. What would you recommend for a topper? I was thinking either a Talalay or wool topper. How thick should I be aiming for?


Hi monkey_donut,

That’s too bad about Parker. Was this poor service on the phone, in person, or both?

Renelle will give you a retailer close by with a phone call but they still haven’t come out with their latex line unfortunately.

Foam and Home Decor are a good value option but as you say … without lying on a mattress it’s difficult to know what would work for you.

So on to the Ikea Edsele …

Because the Edsele is fairly thin at 7" … the tension adjustable slats can make a very noticeable difference compared to the floor and I would wait until you have both of them set up together and have tested various settings before deciding on a topper to add.

The thickness and type of topper would depend on your experience on the mattress/foundation combination and whether you felt it needed major adjustment or just some fine tuning. In either case … with your lower weights I doubt I would go more than 2" if I was adding latex. The goal with pressure relief is to add “just enough” so that it has the least possible effect on the support of the mattress.

Wool would provide more localized cushioning (along with its other benefits) while latex would redistribute weight along the body profile more.

But I would definitely wait until I had slept on the combination before considering a topper or deciding on which may be best.

And congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:


Thanks for your advice.

Okay, so we built the bed and it has improved things somewhat, however I still feel that the mattress is too firm for my side sleeping. I think the mattress doesn’t seem to let me sink enough at my shoulders and provide enough cushioning overall. I am looking at picking up a 2" talalay latex topper this weekend from Foam and Decor in Surrey, but I am not sure whether to go with the 19ILD or 24ILD versions. I tried a latex topper at another store this week, but the owner couldn’t tell me of it was dunlop or talalay and didn’t know the density. Seemed nice, but it was way overpriced (C$700) - I can get one for about $450 from Foam and Decor (comparable in price to the FoamGuy in Nanaimo).

Anyway your thoughts on the topper would be appreciated.



Hi monkey_donut,

This would be fairly typical for a single latex layer of Dunlop … even with a tenion adjustable base and I think most people … especially with a lower weight … would need more cushioning on top.

Given your lower weight my tendency would be to go with 19 ILD. The only danger of this would be that you would “go through it” and feel more of the firmness of the firmer Dunlop under it than you wanted to so it would depend on just how firm the dunlop was. Assuming that it’s not “really firm” and because you have the tension adjustable slats underneath, my guess is that the 19 will be fine.

I’m assuming you mean a King size with the pricing you are quoting but you may also want to check with on monday to see if they can order one for you and what it would cost you through them as well (they were one of the recent additions to the Vancouver list).


Hi Monkey_donut,

FYI, Sears is having 25% off thier Natura latex topper. They have a ILD of 19 so not sure if thats what you end up going for. I will be ordering a twin ($176) size to soften up my firmer latex DIY bed.

Just wanted to give you an update.

We bought a 19ILD Talalay from Foam and Decor in Surrey but I found it too soft. It cost $450 including a nice cover. More expensive than I Sears but Foam and Decor promised to let me exchange the topper if it was too soft. I exchanged the 19ILD for a 28ILD yesterday and it is much better. Very happy now.

Thanks for your help.

Hi monkey_donut,

I’m glad to see you could exchange the topper :slight_smile:

It goes to show as well how much different preferences can play a role in someone’s “perfect” mattress or layer combination.

Thanks for sharing your feedback and it’s nice to know that Renelle does exchanges on their toppers.