Topper that won't slide...Plain piece of foam

Hello there,

I am new to this forum tho I’ve been lurking around. My husband and I have had a Simmons BeautyRest for a few years now. I am okay with it as long as we rotate it periodically as I feel a groove worn where I sleep.

My biggest issue is that I feel pressure points wiith our fairly firm Simmons Beautyrest. I am 5’9" and 140 pounds and a side sleeper. My husband is 6’2" and 190 pounds and a back/stomach/side sleeper. My husband doesn’t want to get a brand new mattress but will get a topper if it is not too expensive.

My concern with toppers is that I’ve slept on friends’ toppers and they have slipped. I do not want a topper that slips. I read a comment on another forum where someone said the best way to get a topper that won’t slide is to buy a plain piece of foam and put it right under your bottom sheet. That idea makes sense to me.

I called our local mattress maker and he said it would be over $500 for a memory foam topper and $1000 for a latex topper. He suggested plain foam would be about $240. We have a California King which increases the price.

I’d like to spend around $300 for a topper. Would anyone be able to suggest a good, trustworthy onllne retailer who might be able to sell me a piece of memory foam or high quality foam for my California King bed? Thank you much!

$1000 for a topper??? Ask someone else! At my recent visit to Worley Beds in MA a Queen topper was about $300… I can’t see a CA King being more the $500 for something good. And since it’s only a topper… you can order it online too.

Wow, karla, that is an outrageous amount of money for a topper.

Some great places to buy latex toppers are:

Sleep Like a Bear is one of the best, but their prices are very high. SleepEZ is very high quality and cheaper.

Hi karlabennett,

I agree that that is a lot for a topper!

In addition to the outlets that have been mentioned … you could also try: Talalay and Dunlop latex Dunlop latex, memory foam, and Energia (HR polyfoam) Lanoodles (Dunlop latex " noodles" that are very soft).

All of these along with SleepEz which was already mentioned are members of the site and I regard all of them very highly. Sleeplikeabear is also a high quality and reputable merchant with a very wide selection of latex toppers of all types although their prices are a little higher.

Bear in mind as well that a topper will still “follow” any dips or soft spots in the mattress so it’s not an ideal solution for this (although it will help a bit) but it can certainly help with pressure relief.

The topper would normally go underneath your mattress protector and your sheets which will help keep it in place.


Thank you Phoenix, and others, for your replies.

Phoenix, after reading some of your posts, I went to a local mattress factory in my town of Marysville, WA. The man there, Nick, quoted me $239 for a california king size piece of 3" polyurethane foam (#180-24). I laid on it on a firm mattress in the show room and it felt like it supported me and relieved the pressure points that I feel on a firm mattress.

Nick said it should last about 4 years minimum, especially if I rotate it regularly. He seemed knowledgeable and his factory (Slumberease) has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and has been in business for over 50 years.

I was happy that the foam is relatively inexpensive and would be cooler with greater longevity than a low-cost memory foam. But I feel like quite a rookie in the world of foam topper options. So I wonder…does this seem like a decent price for that foam? Is there a site I can check to see what an online store would charge me for this type of foam?

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!

Hi karlabennett,

I have some great conversations with Nick on several occasions and I think very highly of him. IMO he is one of the better choices in the area. As you mention … he is very knowledgeable and provides high quality products with good value and great service. You can trust what he tells you and if anything he will undersell and over deliver.

1.8 lb density polyfoam is getting into the higher quality polyfoam range but most important you have tested it to make sure it is what you need and prefer. There may be some online sites that sell something similar for a little less but there are many different formulations and types of polyfoam (and other foams as well) each of which will have different characteristics and if you are fortunate enough to have a quality manufacturer near you and can test what you are buying I would stick with something that you know will work well for you.

Some online outlets that are not as knowledgeable about polyfoam will also gladly sell you something different from what you may believe you are ordering. An online outlet that I believe is one of the better sources for polyfoam is here and a similar topper (without a cover) is about $4 more.

Hope this helps


Thanks for the reassurance, Phoenix. I had a good gut feeling about Slumberease, but I don’t have a great feeling about buying mattresses and toppers in general. Too many options with a lot of misinformation.

I am glad I came to your site. Best to you, Karla