Toppers> Memory foam or latex?

Considering getting an extra firm pocket coil mattress, and then optionally adding either a latex or memory foam topper.

Was considering purchasing here

Has anyone used either latex or memory foam as a topper and can comment?

Hi eco_bach,

If you go in the direction of a “firm” pocket coil … I would make sure that you know the details of any foam that is used over the pocket coils. This is because adding a topper can result in some of the softer foam used in the mattress being deeper in your sleeping system and in effect becoming part of your support system. Even the firmest mattresses will usually use some very soft low density foam on top and the feeling of firmness comes more from feeling the pocket coils underneath this than from the upper layers of foam in many cases. I would try to make sure there was no more than 2" of foam above the coils if you are buying a mattress with the intent of adding a high quality topper.

Natura makes some very high quality products but they are also significantly overpriced in many cases compared to similar products available elsewhere.

Memory foam and latex are completely different “animals” and with memory foam in particular … I would make sure that you are both familiar with and comfortable with its feel by actually testing various memory foam layers. Some of the pros and cons of memory foam are here and some of the pros and cons of latex are here.

Latex is a much more “on” the mattress feel and memory foam is a much more “in” the mattress feeling. Latex is also an “instant” reacting foam that responds to pressure while memory foam is a “delayed” reaction foam that responds to both heat and pressure (to different degrees depending on the type of memory foam). Latex is also more open celled, breathable, and cooler sleeping than most memory foams.