Torn between two memory foam mattresses need advice Sealy vs Parklane

Hi All,

I am in the process of replacing me hand-me-down college mattress.I have decided that I really like the feel of memory foam and have done quite a bit of research on this site and others so I am aware of quality of foams, manufacture pros and cons etc…

The issue I have comes down to this: I know that the Parklane Broadway mattress ($1700) is a good choice for me (high quality/great value) but out of all the mattress we tried the Sealy Optimum Elation was by far the most comfortable feeling mattress. Nothing else we tried came close! I realize that doesn’t necessarily translate to the best sleeping surface but it had us convinced.

Talking the the lady at the store she would sell us the Sealy with two matching memory foam pillows and a cover for $2,300 and from the research I have done that is actually an outstanding price for that particular bed.

Any advice/comments would be appreciated here.

Hi Dorian,

I personally would assess the “value” of a mattress based on how it compares to other mattresses rather than compared to its “regular” price which may already be inflated or poor value. A mattress for example that normally sells “on sale” for $3000 and has been reduced to $2000 (33% off a “half price sale price”) but doesn’t compare well in “apples to apples” comparisons with other similar mattresses in the same price range still isn’t good value or a “good deal”.

To do this you would need to know the thickness and density of all the layers and the details of all the components of each mattress you are comparing.

There are several parts to assessing the “value” of a mattress that are all important but can vary from person to person which is why I can only provide help with “how” to choose never “what” to choose (see post #2 here about final choices) … particularly if I don’t know the specifics of each mattress.

The first part of value of course is the suitability of the mattress for all your needs and preferences in all your sleeping positions or what I call PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences). A big part of this is how carefully and objectively you tested each mattress and how closely your testing predicts your long term experience on the mattress. There is good evidence that testing a mattress based on more subjective ideas of “comfort” have lower odds of success than random chance alone (see this study) … especially if your testing was done in the highly managed environment of many mattress showrooms where various sales techniques can have a significant effect on what you feel when you are testing mattresses … at least in the short term. I would personally consider a mattress that uses 7" of 4 lb memory foam (the Elation) to be a risky construction … especially if you haven’t spend at least 1/2 an hour or so on the mattress … because memory foam can soften over the course of the night depending on temperature, humidity, and how long it has remains compressed which means that if the memory foam layers are too thick that you may start the night in good alignment but wake up in the morning out of alignment.

5" of memory foam is still “soft” but a less risky construction IMO.

If a mattress isn’t suitable for your specific needs and preferences in your actual long term sleeping experience … then no matter what price you pay it would have little value to you.

The second part of “value” is the durability of the mattress. This is why it’s so important to know the density of all the polyfoam or memory foam layers. Lower density foam will soften and break down more quickly than higher density foam. The Optimum uses 4 lb memory foam which is “mid density/quality”. I would be cautious with this density of foam in layers that thick unless you were on the lighter side. I would be very cautious if you or a partner were in the 200 lb range or higher. No matter how a mattress feels and performs initially … how long it continues to do so is a significant part of its value.

The third part of “value” is the relative value of the materials in each mattress. Thicker layers of a certain material would of course have more “value” than thinner layers of the same material and higher quality/density materials would have more value than lower quality/density materials. This includes all the materials and components of a mattress … not just the foam layers.

The next part of “value” is the options you have if you make the wrong choice and the cost of these options. In many stores … exchange options can be very limited and you may be forced to exchange for an even lower quality/value mattress. Bear in mind that the cost of a comfort exchange can also be built into the cost of a mattress and that it’s always wise to test a mattress as if your first choice is your final one … no matter what exchange options may be available.

The next part of the value of a mattress purchase includes what is included in the purchase besides just the mattress. This could include products such as a foundation or box spring, a mattress protector, pillows, or various services such as free delivery, removal of your old mattress, or setting up your new mattress.

The final part of value includes all the more subjective and intangible parts of any mattress purchase. This could include the help and guidance you received in making the most suitable choice, the importance of supporting a specific retailer or mattress manufacturer, or any of the other reasons that purchasing from one retailer or manufacturer vs another may be more attractive to you.

If you add all of these together they all combine into what I call each person’s “personal value equation” which in the end is the only way to make final choices. In other words … which of your two choices have the benefits and tradeoffs that are most important to you.


Thanks for all the info Phoenix,

I appreciate it. It is also hard to find specific info on the Parklane “The Broadway” it seems like it might be a pretty new model.

Hi Dorian,

Have you asked them for the specific information?


I have via their website. I will report back once I get that info.

Hi Dorian,

That’s great :slight_smile:

Once you know the details you can make more meaningful comparisons.


Alright so I got the specs on the Parklane Broadway which is their most plush memory foam mattress.

Dual 3.5" High Air Flow High Density Foam Cores (2 and 3.5 lbs)
Two 2" Layers Gel Foam (4 lbs)
1" CoolSleep Memory Foam (5 lbs)
Bamboo Knit Fabric—Allergen & Bacteria Resistant
A Total Thickness of approx. 12"

I am actually quite shocked with the quality for the price of $1619 (queen)

From a specs standpoint Parklane is among the best out there!

Hi Dorian,

I agree that they are among the best quality/value in the country (and there is really no comparison with major brands) which is why they were invited to become members of this site :slight_smile:


So, after much deliberation and more trips to the mattress store I ended up deciding that mem foam wasn’t for me. I went with a Parklane latex mattress with a short foundation! I am very excited and now have to wait for them to make it. I think latex feels much more supportive than mem foam. This forum was great in helping me make my decision. Thanks for all the wonderful info! Also you might want to update what you get as a member of the mattress underground from parklane which is:

Purchase UNDER $799 - Free gel filled pillow
OVER $799 - choice between free microfiber sheets or standard metal frame

I went with the Overton which is their medium feel. I also noticed that they advertise in store that latex offers 33% more pressure relief than foam and I believe it!

Hi Dorian,

Congratulations on your new mattress!

As you know I think very highly of Parklane and I think you made a great choice with the Overton :slight_smile:

Thanks too for the update on the details of the member bonus … and I hope you enjoy your sheets (or frame) as well (I would choose the sheets :))


Hey Phoenix,

I decided to visit the store one last time today since it takes a week to have your mattress made. After going to the store I think I may like the Vaughn more… It is a softer feeling mattress which I really like but I am not sure it is the best for me. My body doesn’t sit as straight on my back but it is phenomenal on my side. When I am on my back I don’t feel any pressure points (which I think is good) but the fact that my body is not as straight makes me think this might be bad.

The Overton is not as soft feeling and a little more “rubbery” feeling. It keeps my body straighter but I can definitely feel it pushing on my lower back which may be good for it but also may cause discomfort (but then I also wonder if that support is better). I really want to switch to the vaughn but think it may be too soft. What are your thoughts?

I am a 185lb 6’2" guy with 50/50 side back.

let me know your thoughts, as I should prob let them know ASAP.

Hi Dorian,

There is no way for me to know which may be best for you that can be more accurate than your own testing and best judgement along with any guidance a local manufacturer or retailer can provide. I can’t feel what you feel or see you on the mattress which is really the only way for me to know. There are some testing guidelines in post #1 here which may also be useful.

Other than that … if you are unsure between two mattresses I would tend towards the firmer of the two because you can always “fine tune” a mattress that is too firm with a mattress pad or topper but you can’t “fix” a mattress that is too soft because it would involve removing and replacing layers rather than adding to them. I would personally make good support and spinal alignment a priority over pressure relief if you have to choose between them (although a balance that provides both in all your sleeping positions is of course the ideal).

The tendency in a showroom is often to choose a mattress that is too soft based on initial impressions or more subjective impressions of “comfort” (which can be very misleading) … and the tendency in long term “real life” use (where “comfort” is based on how you feel over the course of the night rather than just how a mattress feels when you first lie on it or go to sleep) is often to regret it.



Just wonder whether you get any discounts from Parklane??


Hi orchidvoyage,

You can see my reply to the same question in your other post here.