Tranquil Sleep Memory foam mattress

has anyone heard of this brand? I am not looking for a mattress thats going to last forever…just need something for 5 years or so to get by right now. thanks for any information.

Hi thefussys,

Tranquil Sleep is just a brand but the mattresses are manufactured by Boyd Specialty Sleep.

If you want a mattress to last for 5 years or even for a year or two then it would be important to know the details of every layer in the mattress. The criteria I use for memory foam mattresses are in post #10 here and if a memory foam mattress doesn’t meet these criteria I would not consider it … no matter what the price.

This would be especially true for an online purchase where you have no way of knowing if the mattress would be suitable for your needs and preferences and if it wasn’t the mattress would have no value to you and you would have no recourse (the return shipping costs would probably be more than the mattress was worth).