Triple layered versus double layered latex mattresses

forMy wife and I have been shopping for latex mattresses for the past few days and have come down to making a purchase from one of two highly reputable and professional local outlets, Arizona Premium Mattress and SleepyEZ. I can’t stress too much the high quality of information I received from the sales representatives at both establishments and my sense that both Greg and Jeremy seem to be people of the highest integrity. If you’re looking for latex mattress, both these places are a good place to start.

My question is about the relative value of triple-layered mattresses (soft, medium, hard, or extra hard) sold at SleepEZ versus the double-layered mattress sold at APM. In short and all else being equal, is the triple-layered mattress worth 50% than the double-layered mattress?

A little bit about the people sleeping on the mattress: my wife and I are in our mid-sixties and have been sleeping on a waterbed for the 37 years of our marriage. We have both developed back problems that have not been bothered by the waterbed, but I now have bursitis on my hip that wakes me up in the middle of night. In addition, my bad knees are making it increasingly difficult to climb out of the waterbed. Both beds were very comfortable for us when we tried them at the showrooms.

We will appreciate any advice from the forum.

Hi daddo6904,

I’m not sure which two mattresses you are comparing but the difference between the adjustable ultra plush and the SleepEz 9000 is closer to about 25% depending on which size you are comparing and the cost of shipping ( adds shipping depending on where it is being shipped to and SleepEz includes the cost of shipping).

Outside of any differences in covers and any extras that go with each … the main difference between them is the flexibility of the layering and the cost and ease of the two layer exchange policies. 8" has 3 possible options (the top 2" layer is 22 ILD and the bottom 6" layer (which is split) can be selected in 3 different firmness levels) while the SleepEz has a choice between 4 different firmness levels in any of the layers and you can also mix and match Talalay or Dunlop in each of them so the initial design has more options and is more flexible and customizable.

A layer exchange with would involve exchanging 1/2 or all of a 6" core with higher shipping costs while with SleepEz you can exchange either a 1/2 or full 3" layers (depending on whether they are split) and the shipping cost of an exchange is capped at $30. The time limit for exchanges is also different with being 60 days and SleepEz being 90 days.

Both of these are “best in the country” in terms of quality/value and the choice between them would be based on personal preference and which of the differences were most important to you rather than a “better or worse” comparison. They are different in design and cost.

The most significant difference (outside of covers which I haven’t personally seen or compared, any extras that go with each, or any other intangibles) would be the tradeoff between greater layering flexibility and a lower cost and more flexible layer exchange in one vs the approximately 25% lower price in the other (give or take depending on model and destination).

Hope this helps.