Trundle Daybed for SleepEZ organic mattress

Hi all,

I have been a long time member and always appreciated the wealth of information here. I have a guest room setup where I want to place an extendable twin bed that doubles to a king size bed.

Recently placed an order for 2 TWIN size SleepEZ organic mattresses with 6 inches of latex each, so the mattresses can be stacked when only using the twin daybed.

I have only so far found 3 options at IKEA when the trundle is level with the rest of the bed.

Twin to King conversion with same height/level of mattress.
IKEA FLEKKE FLEKKE Daybed frame with 2 drawers, black-brown, Twin - IKEA
IKEA BRIMNES BRIMNES Daybed frame with 2 drawers, white, Twin - IKEA

Does anyone know any higher quality beds that would function the same way? Any American hard wood furniture makers or mass production furniture stores?

I like the IKEA ones as the slats interlock when not in use (providing lot more support), they are separated by 3 inches when the trundle is pulled all the way out (reasonable to support latex mattress). Also not so certain about long term durabilty of a bed from IKEA, as when fully extended there appears to be only one center wheel holding the weight of the trundle bed at the join of main daybed and trundle.

We can consider weight of the mattress, and also the guest <200lbs each.

Very much appreciate any inputs!

Hello and thanks for reaching out! I am not aware of any higher quality beds that would function in the same way. You may want to ask this question in the general forum so that you can pose the question to a broader audience. Just a quick note, two twin XL mattresses equal a king size mattress (not two twin mattresses).