My arthristis gets more painful each time I try to sleep on my Satbed and now my doctor insists I get a new mattress. Based on his talks with doctors and his other patients, what he has recommended I look into is the following; 1-a mattress that has 3’ of 5.3 high density to absorb my joint pain. I am a side sleeper and he wants softness around my shoulders and pelvis area and anything less seems to cause many larger patients a lot of pain. Under the memory foam nothing too firm, more of a medium quality followed by some firmness. Due to my weight he feels a mattress between 11’’ - 12’’ in hight would be good… I read everything you had and to try to put a mattress that would help me is very difficult. Every premade bed did not have these qualifications and the custom made mattresses are very expensive to put together and most of the time they do not have what I need to help my joint pain. I have put together some layers based on what I read here. I would like your input if I have an understanding about the information you provide. BED #1 3’’ 0f 5.3’’ High Density Memory Foam, 3’’ OR 2’’ of ILD 14β€™β€˜-28’’ TALALAY LATEX AND 5β€™β€˜- 7’’ OF ILD 38β€™β€˜-44’’ LATEX OR OF 2.5 LBS CUBIC FT. OF High Resiliency polyfoam with the required support factor. Am I close for a medium firm mattress? i am confused if I am told I am getting 2.5 lbs cubic feet of High Resiliency how to I calculated the sag factor or required support factor? to help with my pain as a side sleeper the mattress should be medium-firm.

I would like to comment on the Satbed. The main reason I purchased it was their information on a NYC hospital using their Satbed. I just recently spoke to someone who had contacted the hospital and all they would tell them was that any bed they purchase is made to order not purchased as is. A very big lie by a company that uses multiply websites to sell the exact same bed. It does contain a Dial to turn to get the right feeling for your body, but is not electrical. In addition you put it all together and if there is a problem they tell you it is your issue since you put it together probably wrong. If that is 3’’ of memory foam it must be a high density of 2 lbs per cubic ft and a very short 3’'. In addition, the foam that surrounds the chambers are of very poor quality and within a short time if you sit in acertain spot on the edge or get up on the same side you will see it sag. This happened to me even before my trial period was over and was one of my conplaints.



Hi cinn,

I think the comments I made in my reply here would apply to your questions here as well.

Your doctor is giving you some guidelines that aren’t specific enough to use to buy a mattress and I would doubt that he knows as much about mattresses as he does about medicine or he would realize that there are hundreds if not thousands of mattresses that would meet the very generic criteria he is providing and they may be so different from each other that some of them might work well for you and some may not be suitable for you to sleep on. Some mattresses that are different from the criteria that he is suggesting may also be a perfect β€œmatch” for you in terms of PPP. I believe that you are also becoming much too involved in mattress specs that won’t tell you anything about whether a specific mattress is suitable for you or not and will likely overwhelm you with their complexity.

Nobody else can feel what you feel on a mattress and there are too many unknowns, variables, and personal preferences involved for someone else to really know which mattress may be the most suitable for you based on β€œtheory at a distance” or mattress specs or provide anything more than general guidelines rather than specific ones (see mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here).

You may be making this much more complex than it needs to be and I would follow the steps in the tutorial post rather than trying to design your mattress ahead of time and then trying to find the specific mattress you have designed out of all the many thousands of mattresses that are available and which may not even be possible to find.