trying out latex in Columbus, Ohio

Could you please recommend retailers/outlets in my area to try latex foam beds. I live in the Columbus Ohio area (north of Columbus). After a lot of research and given my tight budget, I’m leaning towards the Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress - Queen Size Ultra Plush by Dreamfoam Bedding on Amazon because of the price and positive reviews. One of the Amazon reviewers said only 35% latex and I know latex can get much heavier (this one is 75lbs) and expensive- any insight on its composition besides latex? I don’t know how they can offer this bed so cheap especially if all latex. I’m scared to death of getting the wrong firmness. Companies that don’t attach the top layer allowing it to be exchanged price much higher than this one @ $600 so I’m going to have to live dangerously. That’s why I want to do some testing. I’m 5’7" & 135, perfect posture and want a cushy, soft bed. I know it’s a subjective thing and I’m supposed to have support but I hate being pressed on by a bed. From the reviews, I’d go no less than a level 8 and I’d love to know what a 9 or even 10 are like. I’ll have to find out how they make the bed softer or firmer. Please advise on locations and any other insight on this bed or suggestions. Thanks!!

Hi zzzz,

Dreamfoam makes several different types of mattresses including the Ultra Plush but they are all hybrids (not all latex) and use a polyfoam base with various different types of comfort layer. The details of each model is on the Amazon description. In the case of the Ultimate Plush … it has 3" of Talalay latex over 5.5" of 1.5 lb polyfoam with 1.5" of quilting foam in the cover.

They make the bed firmer or softer by using softer or firmer latex in the 3" comfort layer. They can also make adjustments to the quilting layer. Their softness levels go from 3 to 8 which is very soft. Talalay comes in a softness level as low as 14 ILD but I don’t know if they offer this (you could certainly ask them). They are also a member of this site and offer one of their shredded latex pillows to the forum members here. Like all the members here … they have great quality, value, and service and they are well worth talking with on the phone to help you make your best choices.

There are dozens of posts with comments, reviews, and feedback about them and a forum search on Ultimate Dreams (you can just click this) will bring up many of them.

They also offer a Eurotop model which is a little more but which has a zip cover which allows you to remove the 3" latex comfort layer if you need to exchange it after the purchase for a firmer or softer version. There is a small charge for the exchange ($200 for King and $150 for Queen or smaller (including shipping) and then half of this is refunded when you return the old layer). This is less risky but of course the cost is more.

There are quite a few latex options in the Columbus area which are in port #2 here.

Hope this helps.