Trying to decide between a few mattress companies

After a lot of search, I found a few different mattress companies that I’m interested in purchasing a mattress from, but I’m wondering if anyone else may be familiar with these companies or perhaps have even purchased from them before? I know it’s a long shot, but I thought I’d ask. I’d appreciate any thoughts on these companies and/or any suggestions/thoughts on purchasing any of these mattresses from them, because I’m getting overwhelmed. - A small, family-owned company in Beloit, Wisconsin. Their site is pretty transparent regarding the craftsmanship and materials used for the mattresses. I’m looking at the Basics Royal mattress, the Basics Princess, and the Basics Majestic Plush Top. - A company in Michigan. I’m looking at their ComfortRest mattress line, particularly the ComfortRest IV. - Unfortunately I can’t afford their more natural mattresses, but I’m looking at their Refresh line, particularly the Refresh 2.1 and Refresh 4.1 mattresses.

Adding another: - Regarding the Orthopedic Support mattress and the Balboa Medium .

Hi TiredGirl.

Beloit and Mattress Makers are two of our Trusted Members, which means they were thoroughly vetted and compete with among the best in the industry in terms of quality and knowledge. Both Beloit and Mattress Makers offer a slight discount to TMU consumers as well!

I can’t speak to the other two companies mentioned, but when in doubt consider the following snippet from our Finding a Great Mattress Outlet article.

[quote]The only way to truly know the quality of any mattress is to know the construction, materials and components, that are inside it … and shopping or testing mattresses at outlets that either can’t or won’t provide this information or shopping by brand, advertising claims, subjective ideas of comfort, reviews of a mattress, or the length of a warranty can lead to purchasing a poor quality, less suitable, or poor value mattress or lead to some very expensive mistakes in terms of cost, sleep quality, and durability. It can also lead to many hours of lost time and effort and a great deal of frustration when you spend time trying various mattresses and find one that you like only to discover that there is no way to find out its real quality, how long it may last, or be able to make meaningful comparisons with other mattresses.

Because of this … one of the most important things a consumer can do when they are mattress shopping is to first do some preliminary research into any manufacturer or retailer you are considering visiting before you take the time to visit them. What you are looking to find out is their ability and willingness to disclose the materials in their mattresses and their knowledge, experience, and ability to give you the guidance that is necessary to help you make meaningful comparisons and your best possible choices.[/quote]

I hope this helps!