Trying to decide between FloBed vZone and CozyPure embrace


Have been researching a new mattress for over 6 months and all the different options are driving us crazy…
I’m 300lb and a side sleeper. Wife is 160lb and back sleeper.
The only mattress we liked in a store was the Tempur ProAdapt Medium Hybrid

We currently have a ComforPedic foam, that’s too hot to sleep on and we sink in all the way and get back pains. Tried a mattress topper, which did not make any difference only made things worse for me.

from my reading and chats with some online retailers, they don’t recommend us getting a Hybrid mattress and have narrowed down to either a FloBed vZone and CozyPure embrace 12"

Any recommendations on either model ? or would someone like to suggest something better ?

thanks for your help.

Hey BatraD,

Welcome to the Mattress Underground :slight_smile: ! Thanks for your question.

Congrats on your new mattress shopping journey, BatraD :slight_smile: ! Indeed, new mattress researching with the myriad of available options out there can be quite time consuming and tedious. Thanks for sharing a few of your personal statistics as they are helpful in better understanding what materials and constructions may be preferable for you and your wife’s sleep comfort. Next to sleeping position, your body weight and shape will play the biggest role in how well each layer relieves pressure and supports you for proper spinal alignment. For better learning how heavier BMIs affect an individual’s support needs, a review of Phoenix’s article, "The Role of Body Weight and Shape in Pressure Relief and Support"is helpful. Also recommended for understanding how higher body weights require firmer and more durable materials for maintaining a mattress’s comfort and support over time is Phoenix’s article, “Determining Mattress Durability”.

The Tempur ProAdapt Medium Hybrid that you tried in the store features several layers of proprietary Tempur foam (memory foam) over pocket coils. Your current Comforpedic mattress is an all memory foam construction. As you find that you both feel that your current mattress is" too hot to sleep on and we sink in all the way and get back pains", it could be that memory foam is not the right comfort layer material for your personal preferences. Some side effects of memory foam’s greater sensitivity to heat can also lead to sleeping issues for some people. The deeper in a mattress someone sleeps, the more likely someone is to have issues with “sleeping hot”. This of course is a quality of all foams where you “sink in” to some degree but it is compounded by the makeup of memory foams in general which allow a greater degree of sinking in and are typically less breathable (allow for less evaporation) than other foams. Even the newer generation memory foams which are more breathable (and usually a little “quicker”) tend to be less so than other foams that are readily available. The greater breathability of other foams which have a more “open” cell structure (like latex or other polyfoams) tend to lessen the heat issues even for those who like to sleep more “in” a mattress using softer “non memory” foams. Natural fibers breathe best of all and tend to be cooler than any foam … especially memory foam. You can learn more about the qualities of memory foam in Phoenix’s “Memory Foam: Pros and Cons”. Question: do you both prefer the cradling feeling of “sinking into” a mattress rather than the uplifting feeling of “sleeping on” a mattress?

As you may know, both FloBeds and CozyPure are both TMU Trusted Members, each with their own “Ask an Expert” forums. They have a deep understanding of consumers’ specialized needs based on their many years in the mattress industry and expertise in product design. And as a special Thank You bonus, any consumer subscriber who asks a least one question (and you have) is entitled to a code TMU discount offered by participating trusted member manufacturers/ retailers.

Looking forward to hearing more as you continue your research… :wink: .


hi Sensi,

thanks for the reply. Will check out the BMI article

Looking at the CozyPure 12", only issue is that they are quoting 4-6 weeks for delivery which is a lot. Have an email out to them to see if they can move it up a bit…

Wished FloBeds had some sale so it would have put the vZone more in our price range…

Hey BatraD,

Thanks for your response :slight_smile: .

Many smaller mattress manufacturers make mattresses to order and in the days before the pandemic, 4-6 weeks would seem a bit of a wait. All mattress manufacturers, as well as manufacturers in general worldwide, have been impacted by supply chain disruptions caused not only by COVID-19 but also by natural impacts such as Hurricane Laura this past summer and the extensive West Coast fires. From CozyPure’s Shipping and Returns page, it states “In-stock items usually ship within 2 to 3 business days. Mattresses ship within 5 to 10 business days. Backordered items ship as soon as they become available.” You could always ask if the shipping delay is somehow supply chain related to have a better understanding of what the actual delivery time may be.

Thanks for considering CozyPure and Flobeds, both are TMU expert trusted members. Since posting your reply, you have added some additional updates on your mattress shopping, I’ll be adding some thoughts to those too in a bit :wink: .