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I am looking for a mattress that will support myself an my significant other. I am 51yo 5’11.5 and 265#'s,and she is 47yo 5’2" and 115#'s. Our current mattress has the hammock effect and lacks support. From a sleep perspective we do a barrel roll around then wind up on our backs sleeping. In the past I had a very firm mattress but my shoulders and back would ache. Now we both have lower back issues( getting old is a slow wearing out process).
I settled on the Natural Latex Mattress- was thinking organic but there is not much difference in m opinion other than I get to brag I have an organic latex mattress.

Looking for a 13" with the 4 layers. Based on our profile above what configuration would give us the best bang for our $$ to allow for swapping layers around to find the right fit for each of us before we have to send back to change out a layer or two. Thoughts?

Hello Orettes

Thank you very much for your inquiry. And thank you for the information you so kindly provided!

First and foremost, If you are going to purchase a Queen or King size 13" mattress, I would recommend splitting your layers to his/hers sides. This will allow you to customize each side to accommodate your differing weights and sleep needs. Furthermore, splitting your layers allows each of you to adjust your configurations individually, without changing your partners side, which includes layer exchange options as well.

Based on the individual information you have provided for each of you, I would recommend the following configurations for each side of the mattress:

For you, I recommend a medium Talalay top layer for contour, and Firm over Firm over XFirm Dunlop for support. At 265lbs the medium Talalay will provide plenty of contour (this is assuming you are primarily a side and/or back sleeper), while the F/F/XF Dunlop below offers gradual support. Talalay is a bit softer and more contouring compared to that of Dunlop latex, which is more supportive. This makes for an excellent combination of the two types of latex. Nice contour on top, and adequate support below. For your wife I would recommend a soft Talalay top layer for contour, and Medium over Firm over XFirm Dunlop layers for support below. At 115lbs, the soft will offer her the contour she will need, while the M/F/XF below provides her with gradual support. Her soft on top will feel similar to her that your medium will for you, due to your weight differences.

SleepEZ includes a 90-day comfort-exchange guarantee with this model. This allows you to exchange any two split layers at a time, as many times as it takes for 90 days, and you simply pay shipping. Your first exchange is a flat ship-fee of $30. This policy eliminates most of the risk that typically comes with purchasing a mattress online, sight unseen.

Please keep us posted if at all possible. Let us know if you have any additional questions. Thanks again!

Thank you very much!

I have another question(s) with regards to the latex mattress. As you indicated you recommended a split mattress for the Queen, different firmness’s for me and my love. Is there an issue with the split in the middle? How is the outer parameter supported on the edge? Sagging if sleeping close to the edge? Also, the layers are adjustable but do they shift and slide?
Is there any periodic maintenance for this type of mattress like flipping the mattress layers over but keeping them in their original(preferred) layered line up?

thank you!

Hello Orettes

Latex foam has a texture that naturally grips. When stacking layers on top of on another, the layers do not slide because they are gripping to each other. Furthermore, the cover encasement holds all the layers in nice and snug, which also eliminates sliding of the layers. For these reasons, you will not have an issue with a gap down the middle of your mattress…

SleepEZ does not add edge support to our latex mattresses because it would take away from your overall sleep comfort. In most non-latex mattresses, edge support can be a high-density poly-foam. Should we add this to our mattress models, we could no longer label them as a natural product.

Due to latex being a much more durable foam compared to standard foams, flipping and rotating is not necessary to prolong the life of mattress.

Thank you