Trying to narrow it down

Hi all. This site is great, very impressed with the insight Phoenix provides. I have been looking for a couple of weeks now and so far like the feel of the temp rhapsody breeze and comfort signature as well as the I comfort genus if only a tad softer. I am a stomach - side sleeper and my wife is back - side. We both seem to like firm. I have been looking at the following three mattresses and any suggestions for the best value and quality I can find. Do you have any knowledge of the following:

Ameri-sleep revere bed , says it compares to Temp rhapsody breeze

Ultimate dreams 10 inch gel foam. not sure what this mattress would compare to.

Comfort dreams select a firmness 11 inch queen sold on overstock. This one has great reviews although some claimed it to be to firm regardless of the firmness selection.

Can anyone comment on the quality of the above three. I appreciate any input

Hi Tennisman,

I think the first thing I would suggest it to read post #1 here and the information it links to. This can give you some of the basic information that you will need and the most effective steps to take when you are mattress shopping. It can also help you avoid most of the worst choices so you can focus more on the better ones.

The design and layering of this mattress is nothing like the Rhapsody Breeze. While 4.5 lb memory foam is not “bad” quality (it’s medium density) it’s nowhere near the density and quality of the Tempurpedic Rhapsody breeze. They also don’t provide the density/quality of the base layer. It may have a similar subjective “feel” but even very inexpensive foams in the right layering can feel similar to higher quality materials … they just don’t last as long or stay that way. I think that to compare this to the Rhapsody which has a very different design and uses higher density and quality foams is misleading. There are many better memory foam mattresses where comparisons between them and Tempurpedic are much more legitimate. A forum search on Amerisleep (you can just click this) will bring up more information and feedback about them. They are certainly not in the best value range in terms of either their service or the quality/value of their mattresses IMO.

My thoughts about the Comfort Dreams select a firmness mattress are in post #10 here. I wouldn’t consider these because of the very low quality/density foam they use in both the support layers and the comfort layers. (See the memory foam criteria I linked at the end of the post)

These are made by Dreamfoam (Brooklyn Bedding) which is a member here and has some of the best quality and value in the country. The 4 lb gel foam is mid density/quality and the base foam is high quality. They don’t say what this specific mattress feels like (their 13" gel foam mattress is similar to the Cloud Luxe but a bit firmer). I would call and ask them (their phone number is at the bottom of this page) whether this mattress may be similar in feel to one that is more widely available. If I had to guess it would likely be the iComfort insight but this is only because it has somewhat similar layering although they use higher quality materials in both the comfort layers and the support layers than the Insight and the “feel” may not be the same at all.

The criteria I use for memory foam mattresses are in post #10 here.

Some of the better online options for memory foam mattresses are in post #12 here.

Hope this helps.



I appreciate your response, so very helpful. I am researching some of the companies products you mentioned and undoubtedly much better quality and materials used. Thanks again