trying to purchase a mattress on Long Island, NY

Please help me. I am about to go insane :frowning: . I’ve read all the sections on purchasing a mattress and went shopping several times, only to become more confused. Every time my husband and I find a mattress in the store, we read internet reviews on it and find scathing comments and overall dissatisfaction. The biggest complaint is sagging over time, which we are desperately trying to avoid. We are open to purchasing a latex, memory foam, or inner spring mattress but we will not purchase online as we want to be able to lay on the mattress before we purchase one. On Long Island, most mattress stores (Sleepy’s, Macy’s, Bloomingdales) sell innerspring or memory foam. Many innersprings feel great in the showroom but then receive horrible reviews online. We are leaning towards the Tempurpedic memory foam Allure model but are concerned it will be too hot and uneasy to move around on. Can you recommend any stores on Long Island, NY or in NYC as well as any help with a specific model of inner spring or latex mattress to look at? We would hate to spend 2-5000$ and end up with a mattress that doesn’t hold up over time. Ironically, our current mattress, which is being moved into our guest bedroom, is an innnerspring topped with foam, and has held up great over 10 years (no sagging); we just got lucky. We like a firm mattress but both have lower back issues so any top layer that helps with pressure relief is good. thank you for any help. Nancy

Hi drnancymiller,

The first place I would start with any new mattress purchase is post #1 here. This and the information it links to is the most important single post on the forum.

One of the links in it goes to the mattress shopping guidelines here which will help you aoid most of the worst choices of both mattress manufacturers and retailers including all the stores and brands you have mentioned.

Once you’ve read some of the information in this post … you will be much better able to shop based on the quality of the materials and components in a mattress instead of by brand (which is only the company that puts the components and materials inside a cover). you will also be much more able to recognize the “experts” and salespeople who will educate you about their mattresses and what is in them instead of just “selling” you based on marketing stories with no real substance. These are the people who already know what you would otherwise need to learn to make good choices.

Post #2 here has a list of the better options and possibilities in the NYC area and post #7 here is a more “categorized” list with more detailed descriptions of many of them.

If you are in the Setauket area then post #4 here may also be helpful although I would tend to first call and then visit some of the manufacturers or retailers in NYC anyway.

Even the bottom part of your budget is more than enough for a very high quality/value mattress that uses very durable materials.