Trying to replicate a prior latex mattress

Hi everyone, I have a question that I was hoping some of the mattress experts on here might be able to help me with.

A few years back, my mom and I both bought new mattresses for our beds that we really like from Spindle Mattress. Mine has three layers of continuous pour dunlop latex (soft/medium/firm) with a 3" topper (the tag indicates it is Vita Talalay). Hers involves three 3" layers of continuous pour dunlop latex (medium/medium/firm) with a 3" topper (also soft, but I’m not aware of which type of latex it is).

My mom is currently looking to get a second mattress that gives her a comparable feel - she prefers a softer bed. And we both really like Spindle but their offerings have changed. They are now using molded dunlop (not sure if this would make for a noticeably firmer bed) though the bigger issue is that they do not sell soft latex layers anymore.

She is trying to decide whether to buy a medium-firm mattress from Spindle and source a soft topper elsewhere - or to go with a different vendor that has a solution that involves soft layers of latex? She has back issues, so I also think she also wouldn’t want to get something that is markedly plusher/softer than what she has now. Spindle’s pricing and geographic proximity are certainly pluses, but I figured I’d see if anyone might have ideas about how she could effectively replicate what she has now.

Any suggestions or advice would be very appreciated!

Hi ijw1212.

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Great to hear that you still “really like” both mattresses purchased from Spindle Mattress a few years back when they were made with continuous pour Dunlop.

There is some information about the different ways that one mattress can “match” another one in post #9 here. Generally, I’d keep in mind that every difference between two mattresses can either have a cumulative effect or an offsetting effect that is very difficult for even a knowledgeable and experienced online manufacturer or retailer to predict without personal experience on both mattresses. Replicating a mattress involves a high degree of uncertainty unless, of course, all the components, layers, materials, and design or your new mattress is an exact replica and matches in every way the blueprint mattress (in effect resulting is the same mattress) Most consumers tend to rely only on the ILD of the layers or other more basic specs which by themselves can be very misleading and inaccurate.

This said you are in a fortunate position as you can reach out to Spindle themselves for specific guidance. They are most familiar with both your reference mattresses and can help you translate specific properties, response, and other factors of the continuous pour Dunlop latex mattress to a molded Dunlop mattress for your mom that closely matches the feel and performance of your target mattress.

You most likely are aware that Spindle Mattress is one of the Trusted members of our site who have the knowledge and experience to “translate” how the many seemingly small differences between the two mattresses may either accumulate or offset each other and “feel” in real life.

I’ll be sending a note to Neal at Spindle about your post as this translation might be of interest to other forum visitors.