Tuft & Needle Mattress Left Compressed for a Year

Hi all,

A friend of mine purchased a Tuft & Needle mattress in preparation for a move last year, put it in storage, and promptly forgot about it after receiving another mattress as a gift :silly: After closing out his storage unit a year later, he has rediscovered the mattress (still in it’s original packaging) and offered to sell it to me for only $100.

Is the mattress still good after a year of being compressed? I couldn’t find an answer to this on Tuft & Needle’s website. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Hi aarontunc,

Keeping a mattress compressed for a year can certainly have an effect the firmness, durability, and useful life of a mattress but it’s not really possible to quantify “how much” of an effect it will have. The only way to know whether it would be suitable for you to sleep on in terms of its “comfort”, firmness, and PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and your own Personal preferences) or how long it will maintain its comfort and support relative to any specific person would be based on your own personal experience.

It would also be worth calling and asking Tuft & Needle to see what they say as well to help you decide whether risking $100 would be “worth it” to you without having any recourse (other than selling it again) if it turns out that you don’t sleep as well on it as you hope to.


Hey there! We typically don’t recommend keeping the mattress in the box for more than 3 weeks as being compressed has the potential to damage the mattress. I would recommend unboxing the mattress to determine if it’s still in good condition.