TuftnNeedle Mattress


Our mattress is just 3 years old and it sinks a lot on both sides, which ends up in backache and sleepless nights…A real waste of money on those in a short period of time. After going through lot of reviews, we ordered a Tuft & Needle mattress yesterday…hope it works for us to catch a good night’s sleep…:slight_smile: Excited and awaiting for the new one to arrive.

Hi ranlan,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I think you made a good quality/value choice and I’m looking forward to your comments and feedback when you receive it and you have a chance to assess how well it works for you in terms of PPP when you sleep on it.


We have now had a Tuft and Needle for 2 weeks. So far, with a few tweaks we are enjoying it.

I am a back and side sleeper, and the mattress is supportive on my lower back, on my sides, no pressure point pain. All good.

The couple of things I’ve done with the help of Phoenix. I started out with a thick, polyfilled mattress protector on the mattress- horrible night of sleep. Phoenix recommended taking of the thick pad, and indeed, our sleep has been much more sound since then. We now have just thin layers on the bottom, an allergen mattress protector and sheets (I am awaiting a Luna mattress protector). Thinner is better, I think, to really get to feel the mattress foam.

Next, there is some outgassing smell of the mattress, for us it was worse day 3 and 4. I kept bedding off the mattress the first week during the day, and had a fan blowing on the surface and gently walked on the mattress every day. Now the odor is barely detectable.

The mattress has softened a little bit, it was very firm in the beginning.

I am pretty sure we’ll be keeping this one. It is very different than any mattress I’ve ever owned. My prior mattresses were all coil/foam on top. Sleeping on all foam is taking some getting used to, but it is a positive night of sleep for us.

Be curious to know what you think after you receive yours!

Thanks for the tips. Looking forward to a TuftnNeedle. We really need a new bed, and after much shopping around, this looks like our best bet.

Has anyone tried both the old and the new Tuft and Needle? What are the benefits of the new material?

Hi DennisP,

There is more information about the new materials in posts #2 and #6 here.

I also switched your question to the same topic as the information about the new layers as well.


Hi Chemistry Cowboy,

Congratulations on your new mattress as well :slight_smile: