Two mattress toppers in lieu of a latex mattress?

Hi there,

We want to replace our old mattresses with medium firm latex ones at a reasonable cost. I found this 3" latex mattress topper at Costco ( and am wondering if it work to buy two king size toppers (to double up) for my husband and I and one each for my kids (they are 6 and 3). This option seems a lot cheaper (especially for the kids) compared to some of the options offered on Vancouver Island. Phoenix, your post for this area was super helpful!

Hi Firefly,

This would depend on what you mean by “work”. The topper is certainly good quality and would work well for someone who needed 3" of 28 ILD Talalay on top of an existing mattress but I would hesitate to use a topper (or two) as a complete mattress. 6" of 28 ILD may be too soft to provide good support and may also be too firm to provide good pressure relief (it’s in the middle of what would typically be used for either one). In the end though … the only way to know how well it provides you with PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) would be to sleep on it because there is no formula or “theory at a distance” that can predict how it would feel and perform for your body type, sleeping positions, preferences, and sensitivities that would be more accurate than your own personal testing. I can say though that it would be an atypical design for a mattress for an adult but the value of a Costco purchase is that you can take a chance with little risk because of their generous return policy. I would have low expectations for the success of this combination but of course nice surprises are always a possibility.

It may be “OK” for your kids although it would be a little on the thin side … even for children … but particularly the older one. Post #2 here includes links to the better posts on the forum about children and mattresses that may be helpful. Of course you could always try it and then add a second layer if and when it became necessary because it would also depend on their size, how they slept, and how they grow as they get older.