Two XL Twins vs One King in Latex

We have decided to purchase a CozyPure natural latex mattress. We have a queen mattress now and want to go to a king. We are leaning towards doing it with 2 XL twins so that in the future we can get an adjustable bed frame if we want. My concern is the split of the two twins and how comfortable is that if we should sleep in the middle of the bed? The package we are getting with CozyPure includes a mattress topper which could help with that issue but having never slept on a split king I could use some feedback from those who have. We are very excited about the CozyPure latex company and can’t wait to order and receive it. Thanks for any feedback you can give.

Hi byrum4863,

As you probably know I think you are looking at a great quality/value choice.

If you are concerned with the crack in between the mattresses themselves then whether you feel the crack in the middle and how much you feel it would depend on the specific design of the mattress and whether the top edges are flush to each other, the body type and sleeping positions of the people sleeping on it, and on how and where you sleep. There are some comments in post #8 here and in this topic that should help you decide on whether the pros and cons of a split king mattress are worth it to you.

A topper would be one of the options (along with some of the options in post #8 here) that can minimize the “feel” of the split between each mattress (if that turns out to be an issue because for some people or some mattresses it wouldn’t be an issue at all) but it would also eliminate the ability to operate each side of the adjustable bed independently because you would risk damaging the topper. If adjusting each side of an adjustable bed individually is important to you then you would also need two twin XL toppers (as well as separate bottom sheets and mattress protectors) as well.


I just thought I’d chime in, fwiw, this was something I was concerned about when we ordered our latex mattress and as it turned out, we cannot tell there are 2 separate halves at all, even lying directly over the crack. We have a SleepEZ on a solid platform foundation so not sure how that may vary with other situations.

Hi SleepDeprived,

Just for the sake of clarification … I believe that you may have a side to side split mattress where each half of a single mattress (either queen or king size) has different firmness combinations and in this case it would be very unusual to be able to feel the split if the mattress has a suitable tight fitting quilted cover (see post #2 here).

byrum4863 was asking about using two completely separate twin XL mattresses that are put together to make up a king size mattress so that each side can be raised and lowered independently on a king size adjustable bed (which is also two separate twin XL adjustable beds) rather than having a single mattress with different layering on each side.