Ultimate Dream wool & cotton version

I am very sensitive to chemicals and VOCs, and would rather not sleep on a mattress with chemical outgassing.

Does anyone know what the fire retardants are in the Ultimate Dream Ultra Plush mattress? In my Google searches, one source said there were fire retardant fibers embedded in the bamboo pillow top, but no indication of what is used. Everyone very secret hush-hush.

The Ultimate Dream Natural Latex mattress with wool and cotton top implies there are no fire retardants used. However, it is $200 more in cost than the Ultra Plush.

Any comments on the Talaly latex in Ultra Plush vs. Dunlop latex in wool version?

Does Chuck read this website? Surely Phoenix has an answer!

I love this website. Makes mattress hunting slightly less crazy-making! Thank you.

I am curious too.
Or will they swap it around? I think that I would prefer the talalay and the wool combo…

Hi hogbaynapper,

For the most part … polyfoam that is made in the US (which this is) is CertiPur certified and you can see the testing standards they use here*. There are a very few people however who are very sensitive and this may not be enough as they can react to polyfoam (and many other common substances) in couches, cars, and the many other places it is used in our society and if you are in this small minority (such as those with MCS who sometimes need to ventilate any polyfoam for a year or so or may need to avoid it completely in their homes) then you may be better off with a mattress that only uses natural or organic materials such as cotton, wool, innersprings, or 100% natural or even organic latex. Most materials or foams used in mattresses can have “outgassing” though and may have an odor for a while but the key is whether they are harmful. Some of the VOC’s that can be most harmful (but don’t appear in any significant amounts in tested materials) have no smell at all. Even natural latex for example will have a smell for a while so testing is generally more reliable than anything that someone may actually smell.

ADMIN NOTE: *Always check CertiPur site for the latest guidelines available

I believe they use a viscose type of fire retardent (see the last part of this article) in everything except their wool mattress which uses the wool to pass the test but I’m not certain about this and you would need to ask them to know for sure. They are very open about their mattresses.

Yes … wool is a more expensive material in a mattress and adds substantially to the cost.

Thanks for the comments … I appreciate it :slight_smile:

@ tarnator,

It may not be possible to make exchanges and still stay inside their prototype but it would certainly be worth asking them. If you do I hope you let us know what they say. You could email them or phone them at 877-955-5503