Ultimate Dreams 10" Latex Queens - Durability

Anyone with experience regarding the durability and longevity of the Ultimate Dreams Mattresses? More specifically, the Latex / polyfoam 10" Queen mattress?

Hi wh200,

You can read more about the many factors that affect the durability of a mattress in post #4 here and the posts it links to.

Once you know what is inside a mattress you can make a good assessment about it’s relative durability based on the materials that are inside it regardless of the manufacturer that makes it.

The upper layers of a mattress are usually the weak link because they are subject to most of the mechanical forces that soften or break down materials and latex which is used in the top layer of the Ultimate dreams mattresses is the most durable category of foam (memory foam, polyfoam, and latex foam). the base layer is also a very high quality polyfoam which is also a very durable material.

The polyfoam that is used in the quilting is in the range of around an inch or so which and is quilted which pre-compresses the foam and removes any false loft in the foam. This means that the layer is thin enough that any softening will have little effect on the mattress as a whole.

The bottom line is that the materials in this mattress are much higher quality than almost any other mattress you would find in a mainstream brand in this price range and in many cases you wouldn’t find this quality of materials in mattresses that sell for double the price.