Ultimate Dreams 13" Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Based on information I found here I just ordered the Dreamfoam 13" memory foam mattress. I’ve had an original tempurpedic that lasted about 7 years, and over the past 4 years we’ve tried different combinations of toppers both MF and Latex trying to replicate or improve on the initial tempur experience without success. The wife and I both prefer the memory foam feel (and the softer feel of the cloud luxe) over the feel of latex. Our last topper (foambymail) lost shape in a little over 18 months. The search for a replacement lead me here and based on a couple posts about the UD Gel mattress led me to make the purchase, had a few questions this weekend and Chuck was very quick to respond.

Now the wait begins, nervously hoping I didn’t make a mistake (especially considering the limited feedback on this model). I’m a little leery of the long term reliability of the 4lb foam and the gel, but I’m hoping I will get at least 5 years of service of this set (which would be amazing considering the price of this set). Part of me is really afraid that I’ve set my hopes to high for such a budget priced mattress. I’ll post a follow-up after receiving and a few nights with it.

Hi supermanx,

As you probably know … Ultimate dreams (Dreamfoam) is a member of this site which means that I think very highly of them and they make mattresses with great quality and value but this mattress is also very new and you are the first that I’m aware of that has purchased it among the forum members here.

I guess someone had to break the ice :slight_smile:

Just to put the value of this in perspective as well … the closest model in the iComfort lineup would be the Savant which uses 2.75" gel memory foam (vs 3" of the same type of gel memory foam in the UD), 2" of 5 lb memory foam (same as in the UD) over a 6" polyfoam support core (vs 8" in the UD and the support foam in the UD is a much higher quality 2.35 lb density than the 1.5 lb used in the Savant). The UD also doesn’t have the inch of low density 1.3 lb polyfoam in the comfort layers that the Savant has. So for a mattress that is similar to the Savant but uses higher quality materials in many of the layers you are paying less than half the price. That’s good value :slight_smile:

So congratulations on your new mattress and I’m looking forward to hearing about your experience with it when you’ve had the chance to sleep on it.


On paper everything looks great, and the cloud luxe was the model we preferred in-store (and the fact that the UD should be a little more firm alleviates some of my support concerns)… but limited trial and in the house are two different things all together.

I feel some what jaded because I’ve literally tested 15 different memory foam pillows and the tempurpedic have been the only models that I have found satisfaction with (except for their short life). I’m afraid I will have a similar experience with the mattress after dealing with FBM and their “5lb foam”.

My second concern is the gel foam, I’ve seen some of the negatives about life and performance of the style of gel used in the iComfort. Time will tell but I am optimistic… And will let everyone know my experience.