Ultimate Dreams 13" Gel Memory Foam plus Reverie Adjustable Base

First and foremost, Phoenix I can’t thank you enough for the service you are providing via this website. My wife and I were this close to laying out almost $5800 (when tax is included) for a Tempur-Pedic Cloud Luxe plus adjustable base set. I’d done my research on how to search for a bed (3 Ps!) but not on what the alternatives were. I couldn’t pull the trigger in the store for that much money without heading back to the keyboard and trying to educate myself a little bit more…and that’s when I found your website.

Man am I glad I did! Long story short, instead of shelling out premium money for hype and marketing, I’ve instead bought the Reverie Deluxe adjustable base (with massage) and the Ultimate Dreams 13" Memory foam by Brooklyn Bedding. A savings of nearly $4,000!

I’ve only just finished clicking the buttons on the purchases so I have nothing to review yet. However, I will commit to reviewing:

  • The unpacking/setup experience
  • My first night’s sleep
  • After 1 week
  • After 1 month
  • After 6 months
  • After 1 year

For now, I do have a few things to share. First, as many people on here have said Chuck from Brooklyn Bedding is outstanding. I asked him a few questions via the “Ask the seller” function on Amazon and his responses were lightning fast. Especially impressive when you consider it’s the weekend.

Second, I bought the Reverie from olejo.com. Here’s a tip for everyone. They have a “make us an offer” feature on their website and it works! The price for the Reverie deluxe was $1199 with free shipping. I offered $1100 and they took it. If you are in the market for an adjustable base I’d highly recommend trying them and trying that feature. There’s another $100 saved.

Thanks again for the service you are providing here. It is truly outstanding.


Hi brihall,

Thanks for the kind words and your feedback. Thanks too for the tip on the “make us an offer” feature at Olejo. They didn’t have it when I bought my adjustable from them and I didn’t even know it existed (although they were open to making “pricing adjustments” even then).

You certainly did very well and I’m looking forward to all your feedback at the various “stages” of your experience.

Most of all though … congratulations on your new sleeping system :slight_smile: