Ultimate Dreams 13" Gel Memory Foam vs. TempFlow vs. Tri-Pedic by Select a Bed

We are deciding on these three beds. All seem high quality and get good reviews. I understand that Temp Flow in made by Selectabed. We are weighing the pros and cons of each. Ultimate Dreams is half the price of these other mattresses which make me question the materials in the Ultimate Dream or the mark up of the Select-a-Beds. From what I have read on this forum, Ultra Dreams does use high quality material so I am guessing that the select-a-beds are marked up quite a bit.

Any thoughts?

Thanks - love the forum.


Hi rurede4m,

I would keep in mind that the Ultimate Dreams is among the best quality/value in the industry (which is why they are one of the members here) which means that there are not a lot of manufacturers that will “compete” with them.

Having said that … I do think highly of the materials and design of the Tempflow mattresses and Dr Rick who designed them and you can read more of my thoughts about them in post #9 here.

Overall the Tempflow mattresses use good quality materials and are better than average value (especially compared to mainstream manufacturers) but they also sell through retailers which means that they won’t have the same cost structure as a factory direct manufacturer (they don’t “undercut” their retailers). There is also real value in being able to test a mattress in person for PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) so they have some benefits that aren’t part of an online purchase. In other words … each person’s “personal value equation” (what is more or less important to them) and their risk tolerance ( the options available if the wrong choice is made) may be very different.


Just wanted to comment on your tempflow cost observations. Based on your recommendation, I contacted tempflow. The salesman was very well informed and spent over 30 minutes talking with me - and this after several email exchanges. I am buying the harmonia because I need the softness of a Cloud Supreme and my husband needs more support. But, here is the great thing, because I am far away from any retailer of tempflow products (I am in NYC), I was able to get a great discount. - over 20%. It also involves a promise to spend about 15 minutes filling out a feedback report on the mattress. The discount is given at the time of purchase, not when you write the feedback - so there is no attempt to “buy” a good review. Also, I ordered an adjustable bed. Their price for the bed was great - less expensive than some of the member distributors on the site. So, when I look at the entire package, while I am paying about 25% more for the mattress than some of the sites mentioned here, the savings on the adjustable bed more than make up for it. Now, if I were living in a city that had a retail outlet for these stores, I would be paying a good deal more. And it does mean that I am buying it without trying it out. But they have a good return policy and I like their Biogreen products.

Will keep you posted when it comes.

Hi dpastor,

Thanks for the great feedback.

I have talked with Rick at length about their dual pricing model and the challenges involved with it and it’s the main reason they don’t have prices on their site (their prices can depend on where you are).

I do think highly of their biogreen memory foam (My DH sleeps on the Trillow pillow and loves it) and on their mattress designs as well.

I also tend to compare mattress to mattress and adjustable to adjustable but for those that are buying both anyway then of course any discount on a package price could certainly make a difference.

Most of all … congratulations on your new mattress … you certainly made a great quality choice!

I’m looking forward to your feedback when you receive it.