ultimate dreams 13 gel or ultimate dreams eurotop latex?

This site is a godsend. After purchasing mistakes, sagging mattressIes and exhausting research I have narrowed my choice to ultimate dreams 13, or the ultimate dreams eurotop latex. I have fibromyalgia, am always a side sleeper, and feel that most mattresses are too hard. Recently, I slept on my sister’s Simmons memory foam (not sure what type), and I woke up truly rested in a way I have not experienced in a long time. While I felt it was “almost perfect”, I did not experience the sink into a cloud feeling. From reviews and research on side sleepers I know I need a “soft” feel while providing support. I am ready to purchase one or the other but truly don’t know which is better for me. Please advise. I weigh 155 lbs.

Hi marianne,

Latex and memory foam are very different materials and the choice between them is really a preference choice and not a “better/worse” choice . Both types of foam will have people who love them and others “not so much”. I would also keep in mind that both memory foam and latex mattresses come in a very wide range of different designs and comfort and support levels and there are different versions of memory foam and latex so one or even a few mattresses of each type won’t represent the entire category.

There is more about the differences between them in post #2 here but the most reliable way to know which one you would tend to prefer would be your own personal testing and experience.

If you let me know your city or zip code I’d also be happy to let you know of the better options or possibilities I’m aware of in your area that you may be able to test some latex to get a sense of how you feel about it and for the Ultimate Dreams 13" gel memory foam mattress it would be worthwhile testing the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe (which are widely available) because they are fairly similar according to most people who have tried both.

I would also make sure you spend some time with them on the phone to talk about your specific needs and preferences (see mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here).