Ultimate Dreams a bit too hard... help?

We bought an ultimate dreams dreamfoam to replace our sagging spring mattress. We’ve slept on it for 2 nights now, and are happy with the support the firm base gives our bodies. It’s nice to have our shoulders even with our back instead of up by our ears. We aren’t really happy with the lack of softness though. It’s a bit hard. :frowning: We got a 6. So now I’m thinking maybe a topper is in order for pressure point relief?

Any suggestions? I’m leaning towards a 2" gel memory foam. Does Costco have anything worth trying? I’m hesitant to buy another non-returnable piece in case it isn’t what works.

Hi Misskira,

It can be almost as difficult to decide on the “best” topper as it can be deciding on the “best” mattress because it is usually a blind purchase that you can’t test the combination ahead of time. There are some guidelines and sources linked in post #2 here though that may be helpful.

Brooklyn Bedding (the manufacturer of the Dreamfoam mattresses) sells toppers as well that have a 120 day trial period for exchange or refund (less return shipping costs).


That was hugely helpful, thank you! I see on the Brooklyn Bedding website they actually have a free exchange, shipping both ways included. I think that will be the way to go. I did email to ask for a suggestion on getting a softer feel on the bed, so I bet Chuck will have have some good input for me too. Right now I have less joint pain already, but more overall body stiffness. I imagine some of it is an adjustment period.