Ultimate Dreams competitor in San Diego

After researching and reading reviews I am very close to purchasing a queen Ultimate Dreams latex mattress. What has me on the fence is the fact that 1. I can’t try it out and 2. if there are defects there is no warranty or a place for me to return it to. I was wondering if you had a recommendation of a place in San Diego that carries something similar and not too far off in price.

I guess I could also use a confirmation that that mattress is what I’m looking for. Details: I’m 27, no injuries, 6’2" 175lbs, stomach sleeper. I wan’t something that is good for allergies (latex seems to be good for that) and will last a long time. I get sweaty when I sleep sometimes and have read latex is cooler that memory foam. I went into a Sit n Sleep and they had a technical bed that took measurements and recommended a firmness level right in the middle of everything. I have layed on the iComfort and found the insight to be comfortable. I could be wrong but I would imagine the Ultimate dreams to have a slightly similar feel to that bed.

I wan’t to say that this site and all of the information on it is a great help. Thank you.

I think that you are on the right track with latex. Try searching online for some alternative mattress stores. Try some of the local independent retailers. You will probably find a quality latex mattress that does not have the brand name for a much lower price.

Hi SDsleeper,

The better options I’m aware of in and around San Diego are listed in post #2 here.

What I would suggest is calling these and asking them if they have a “latex hybrid” mattress with about 3" of latex over polyfoam.

This will help you find the best local value for this type of mattress although they may not be in the same range as the Dreamfoam (which has much better value than most mattresses of this type).

The iComfort insight is made of a slow response foam (gel memory foam is similar to regular memory foam) and the Ultimate Dreams has a similar construction except it has latex which is a fast response material in the comfort layers. While both types of mattress can provide the pressure relief and support that are needed (depending on how well the layering matches the needs of the person) the materials that are used to provide these will feel very different.

Being a primary stomach sleeper … you will likely need a thinner and firmer comfort layer than someone who was primarily a back or side sleeper to offset the risk of sleeping in a swayback position on your stomach. Most stomach sleepers also sleep in other positions though for a significant part of the night so I would choose the thinnest and/or firmest comfort layer that provides you with the pressure relief you need in your other sleeping positions which will generally allow for the best alignment when you are on your stomach.