Ultimate Dreams- Dreamfoam Bedding

Seen your recent reply RE: your bed/preference for a softer mattress/weight/etc.

Curious to know which comfort level you would order from Chuck for the Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams mattress?

If you could also restate how you/your wife sleep (side-lying etc)/approx weight and height that would be great. As I recall you like to sink into the mattress, not sleep “on” it. Seems like the majority of reviews on amazon are from people who like very firm beds. I HATE firm beds and prefer a pillow top.

Thanks for your great website!

Hi doxen,

I’m 6’5" and 195 and my DH is about 130 something.

I’m not allowed to reveal the exact number these days because it “may” not be what she wants to see :slight_smile:

I am a side back sleeper and she used to be mainly side but is now shifting to more on her back.

Don’t forget too that what is firm to one can feel soft to another but I do like soft. For example I tried a Donald Trump (Serta) pillowtop which was really really soft and loved it (I probably shouldn’t admit to that) … but of course I know better than to ever consider something like that or mistake a showroom feel for what will be comfortable in long term nightly use.

In any case … considering that the Ultimate Dreams is softer than the same ILD with just latex and no quilting on top … I would probably choose the 24 ILD Talalay whatever that translates into in their numbering system.

I’d also consider going one step softer to 19 ILD but I tend to err on the side of caution and it’s fairly easy to add something on top of a mattress that was too firm than firm up a mattress that is too soft.