Ultimate Dreams Eurotop latex mattress-need some advice

I first owned a tempurpedic and had to exchange it for a Miralux pillowtop mattress a few months later. I have had the Miralux for 3 years now and it simply doesn’t work for me. After reading the positive reviews for Ultimate Dreams latex on Amazon and sleeplikethedead, I am about to pull the trigger on one. I like the Eurotop option because it allows you to exchange the 3 inch latex layer if the firmness isn’t quite right. One of my concerns is the bamboo foam top to the Ultimate dreams mattress. Will it be comparable to my current pillow top, which has divots in the construction that give me so much discomfort? I am just under 5’9 and weight about 160lbs and have a fair amount of lower back pain. I want something that gives me a cozy, soft feeling but also plenty of good support. The comfort level of 6 seems to be a good way to go. The only real reason I would purchase the Eurotop version is because of the ability to exchange the latex if the firmness isn’t right. Also, would the added inches of foam in the Eurotop version give me addition support? Any advice and suggestions would be extremely appreciated. Thank you!

Buying a tempur-pedic and exchanging for a mira-lux pillow top, it sounds like you’re looking for the best mattress.

I would look to see if I have a recommended mattress shop in the area, and then try it out. You can get surprisingly good value out of those mattresses.

Where are you located?

I am in New Jersey. I was never looking for a luxury mattress per say, but the best mattress I could get that would afford me the best sleep. I jumped into my purchase a few years ago and am still regretting it now.

Either way, you don’t even know if you will like the mattress. You can spend far less than a tempur-pedic even locally for full talalay.

Either way, depending on where in New Jersey you are, you can try http://www.shovlinmattress.com/, or head over to New York, and try Dixie Foam, Scott Jordan, and RoomandBoard.

My personal favorite of the three was Dixie Foam. Even if you plan to order it online, these mattress shops can have a similar setup to what you will order, with polyfoam on the bottom, and a latex topper, so you can get closer to your ideal setup.


Hi Tyson,

Like bkim … I also believe that local testing can help you make your best decision regardless of whether you choose to order locally or online. It can certainly make a difference to have a reference point of your own experience so that you have a reasonable idea of what the mattress may feel like and how different it may be from your Miralux. To my knowledge, the Miralux (which was made by IBC which is now bankrupt) has a quilting layer of soft polyfoam (like the Ultimate Dreams) but that is where the similarities end and the Miralux used memory foam under this (I don’t know the density) and then had an innerspring under that while the Ultimate dreams would have latex comfort layer and a polyfoam support core under that. These are very different mattresses.

The bamboo is the fabric that is used in the cover. The latex comfort layer will be much more durable than the types of materials that are usually used in a pillowtop including polyfoam or the memory foam that the Miralux used.

So I would definitely encourage you to do some local testing so you are familiar with the feel of latex and the difference between it and memory foam and also the difference in the feel of an innerspring vs a foam core.
I’m not sure where in New Jersey you are but some of your better options in the NJ/NYC area are in post #7 here. bkim has already shared some of his experiences with some of the better options on the list as well (thanks bkim :)).

You have some great choices available both locally and online but as much as possible I would always start with some local testing because it will give you a much better reference point no matter which direction you decide to go.

If you are in a different part of New Jersey, let me know and I will point you in the direction of any other options I know about that may be closer to you.


Hi Phoenix. Thank you for your reply. I took your advice and tried out the Naturally Bob’s latex bed at Bob’s Discount Furniture in Paramus, NJ. It has 3" of latex on top with an 8" base foam. I don’t know the type of latex or the density of either but I was able to try out their plush and firm bed. Actually, it was one bed with half plush and half firm. I think the latex density was the same but the foam was the difference maker. Anyway, neither were really comfortable and both were too firm for me. It had a very thin mattress cover but that really didn’t seem to make a difference and I doubt it is comparable to the bamboo cover on the Ultimate Dreams Eurotop mattress. What I want to know is if my this Naturally Bob’s mattress, being that the latex and foam were the same width’s as the Ultimate Dreams, is a decent indicator of what I can expect from Ultimate Dreams. I would want something considerably softer that what I experienced and the ability to sleep on my side and back. I hear that the default 6 comfort layer for the ultimate dreams latex is considerably soft with good support, which I need. Any feedback you can give me would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you!

Hi Tyson,

No because it would depend on the type of latex they use in the Naturally Bobs, the type of base foam, and the ILD’s of both. Without this information it’s really not possible to know how it may compare. If you at least knew the type of latex and the ILD of the Naturally Bobs, you would have a reference point for the comfort layer and it could provide some guidance for the ILD choice for the comfort layer of the Ultimate Dreams (which has many choices and each of these would feel different) but this would also need to assume that the ILD of the base foam was similar.

So lying on the Naturally Bobs would give you a sense of the “feel” of whatever type and firmness level of latex they use but because the details aren’t known, beyond this it really wouldn’t help with a choice of the UD comfort layer choice.

If you could phone MyBobs and find out some of the missing information it would be a much more valuable reference point (see post #4 here with more about MyBobs)


Thanks Phoenix. Another question, can you recommend some places in the North Jersey area that have Latex Mattress showrooms that I can really test out some good stuff? Any really good, lesser known latex mattress companies or distribution locations that fly beneath the radar where I can go get firsthand knowledge? Also, I know the Ultimate Drams offers 3" of latex and then a good foam underneath. Would it be even more ideal to find a mattress with 6-9" of latex? I am willing to spend more to get the ideal bed for myself.

Hi Tyson,

Post #7 here should help :slight_smile:

You have a wide range of good choices in the general area.

This would be a personal choice based of course on budget (a latex polyfoam hybrid is a good lower budget option for those who can’t afford an all latex mattress) and on the importance of having a more durable and higher performing and more adaptable material in the support layers of a mattress. If your local testing indicates that the difference between them is something you can feel or you want the increased performance and durability or other qualities of a latex core in addition to the comfort layers … then it would make a good choice.

No matter what your choice or combination of materials … I would choose the highest quality and value version of that particular combination that was available. If you can comfortably afford it and you can feel the difference or want the qualities of latex that you may not be able to “feel” … then I would personally choose it but each person is different both what they can feel and in what is most important to them.