Ultimate Dreams Eurotop "level 7" still too firm - what to do?

Hi all, first I want to thank Phoenix and the other contributors for creating such a great resource! My wife and I saw the many positive things written about DreamFoam’s Ultimate Dreams Eurotop mattress, and we took the plunge back in December. However, after more than a month of sleeping on the mattress, we’re not quite happy with the comfort just yet, and would like some help dialing in the last little bit.

Okay, some background: I’m 5’11" and 165 lbs, and primarily and back and side sleeper. My wife is 5’4" and 125 lbs, and primarily a side sleeper, though she’s pregnant right now, so add some weight to account for that. We both really liked the feel of latex, but couldn’t afford an all-latex mattress, which is how we settled on the Eurotop. Our preference was for something on the softer side, but with enough support that I could sleep on my back if desired. Chuck was helpful and responsive during our order process, and we chose a “Level 7” latex layer, which is 24 ILD.

As I mentioned in the title, we’ve both decided that the mattress is still too firm. We have a few options:

  1. Exchange our 24 ILD “level 7” layer for a 19 ILD “level 8” layer
  2. Add a soft 2" or 3" latex topper. Maybe 14 or 19 ILD?
  3. Exchange our level 7 layer for a firmer layer (maybe level 6?) and THEN add a soft 2" or 3" latex topper

I’ve got concerns with each option. For option #1, I’m worried that at 19 ILD we’ll compress the latex too much and “feel” the polyfoam underneath. Chuck didn’t seem to think this would be a problem, but I’d like to get some other opinions. With option #2, my concern is that the combination of a soft topper and the 3", 24 ILD layer in the mattress would not give enough support. I wonder if a 2" topper would help to mitigate this somewhat, but I don’t really know. Finally, with option #3, it’s the most expensive and has the most variables, so it may take some costly trial-and-error.

If we decide to go down the topper route, I’d like to buy from a place that allows exchanges so that we can dial in our comfort. We’re located in Fort Collins, Colorado, so if there are toppers that we can try locally, that would be a plus. Here are the parameters we’re looking for:

  • - Talalay latex (doesn’t matter if it’s natural or a blend)
  • - 2" or 3" thickness
  • - Retailer should allow exchanges (a fee is okay, as long as it’s not outrageous)
  • - At least a 19 ILD option, and perhaps 14 ILD?
  • - We’d add an inexpensive cover to the topper if we bought just bare latex.

The final piece of data are two mattresses that we tried and liked during our shopping experience. The first was a Bella Sera Nove 3 mattress in Soft/Medium/Firm, and then second was a Denver Mattress iChoice HeveaPur. We loved the Bella Sera, but it was far outside of our price range, and the iChoice was also great, though if memory serves, the topper was a tad too soft/thick (maybe a 2" 14 ILD would have done the trick?).

Sorry for the barrage of data, but I wanted to be thorough. We really appreciate everyone’s help and experience as we dial in our sleeping system. Thank you!

Hi jbond04,

There isn’t a formula that can predict which of your options would work best for you in terms of PPP based on specs or theory and I would keep in mind that the only way to know for sure how any of them will feel to you is to sleep on them but #2 and #3 seem to me to be more uncertain and complicated than they need to be and #1 would seem to have the most reasonable chance of moving you towards the softer sleeping surface you are looking for and you would still have the option of adding a topper if your sleeping experience indicates that you needed to. It would also be the least costly.

Not surprisingly I agree with Chuck that the 19 ILD shouldn’t be an issue with feeling too much of the firmness of the support core underneath it.

The better options or possibilities I’m aware of in the Fort Collins area are listed in post #4 here but you would need to check with them to see what types of toppers they carry and their return policies.

Post #2 here and the topper guidelines it links to also includes a link to a list of the better online sources for toppers that I’m aware of but if I was in your shoes I would start with the simplest solution.


Thanks for the feedback, Phoenix! I’ve starting working with Chuck to exchange our 24 ILD layer for a 19 ILD layer; I’ll follow up and let you know how it goes.

I was probably looking at the situation too academically, especially given my lack of experience with the performance and feel of latex, but I was concerned that the transition from the 3" 19 ILD layer to the 8" polyfoam core would be too dramatic. Hearing the same recommendation from both you and Chuck helps me feel better about going this route to dial in the comfort of our mattress. Thank you again for the help!

Hi jbond,

I’m looking forward to your feedback after your layer exchange :slight_smile:


I would be very curious to see an update on your mattress. I thought a lot about this route, but currently have the Tuft and Needle enroute. I ultimately went with Tuft and Needle both because of their price and return policy, and hope they are the answer and I am done. If not I will continue my quest and this would certainly be one of the contenders because of the ability to swap out layers.

I too have thought about the topper route in addition. One site that seems to have nice ones with a good return policy is eluxurysupply.com They do not have a large selection but the latex one they have is apparently two different feels depending on which side is up. I would certainly welcome Phoenix’s thoughts on that topper.

This is a great site with lots of good info, perhaps almost too much! I have spent hours on here and need to find a mattress that works for me and get back to life. My big issue is I am a heavy guy that needs heavy support but like a soft mattress.

Hi Basil,

You can see my comments about their latex topper in post #2 here.