Ultimate Dreams Eurotop mattress with multiple latex layers


I intend to buy a queen size Ultimate Dreams Eurotop latex bed for the guest room in my apartment. Would it make sense to get two latex layers, say a 4 and a 6, to give my guests an option as to the firmness of the bed? How difficult is it to change the latex layer? Is Brooklyn Bedding generally willing to sell a second layer option for this purpose? I would appreciate any information.



Hi jicorre,

Now that’s what I call a considerate host :slight_smile:

I don’t think they would have any problem selling you two layers but I’d probably be tempted to go in a little different direction. If you order a separate layer you will also need a cover or a way to store it away from light and air exposure because latex can degrade more quickly with exposure to light and air (ozone and ultraviolet). It’s also not difficult to change the layer but it’s also not as easy as just adding a topper for those who want a softer surface.

So I’d probably be tempted to get an Ultimate Dreams Ultra Plush that is slightly firmer than “average” for those who like a firmer mattress and then add a 2" softer topper in the range of about 19 ILD for those who like a softer surface and just put it on top when necessary. The topper comes with a cover so you won’t have that issue and it’s easier to just add a topper than exchange a layer … and of course the overall cost would be lower as well.


That’s a great idea, Phoenix. Thanks! Jacob