Ultimate Dreams Eurotop

Thanks for all the information on this website.

I am considering the Ultimate Dreams Eurotop, and was wondering about the firmness. I have tried a Simmons Natural Care with a 1.6lb foam core and 3" of 19ILD and found it to be comfortable. I assume this translate to an 8 (19ILD) on the Ultimate Dreams item, but it seems that everyone here likes much firmer numbers. I’m thinking of starting with a 7 and then maybe I can change it out if it’s too firm.

What do you think?


With the Eurotop, it shouldn’t be too hard to swap out the firmness level. You might want to contact Chuck and ask him specifically what their swap out policy is. I like the firmer top since I knew I wanted a separate, softer topper on my mattress and that worked out really great for me.

It’s much easier to fix a too firm mattress than a too soft one. With the zipper cover on the Eurotop it should be really easy though. :slight_smile:

Also, you might want to think about the size of the topper and how you would package and ship it back if it didn’t work. The nice thing about the Eurotop is that you have lots of options but I would definitely find out about any costs that might be involved from Chuck.

Hi acorn,

Like Coventry mentioned … I also think it’s a little less risky to go a little too firm than too soft if you’re unsure because it’s much easier to add softness with an additional layer (mattress pad, or topper) than it is to “add” firmness (the softer layers underneath will still be too soft).

The Ultimate dreams also has a 1.5" quilting layer of soft polyfoam so it would be softer than lying directly on 3" of 19 ILD latex. The firmness of the support layer (which is not connected to the density of the support layer because any density can be firm or soft) will also change the effective softness of the layer above it. 3" of 19 ILD over 6" of 32 ILD for example will feel firmer than 3’ of 19 ILD over 6" of 40 ILD all else being equal.

Generally the manufacturer will have the experience and customer feedback to be able to “translate” their specific construction into other types of layering or at least have a good idea of “which direction” would be closer. They can also change the tightness of the quilting pattern which will also have some effect on the effective softness or firmness of the comfort layer.

So if 3" of 19 ILD worked for you … and assuming that the base layers have a similar ILD as well … then putting 19 ILD in the Ultimate dreams would give you a softer comfort layer than the Simmons.

If 19 ILD is an 8 … then I would go to a 7 at least to make it roughly equivalent and a little firmer yet if you wanted to err on the side of firmness. I would also pay more attention to the help and guidance of the manufacturer though whose thoughts and suggestions about the specifics of their mattress (and their own numbering system) would be more accurate than mine.

Flobeds has a good article here about shrinking and packaging a latex layer for return.