Ultimate Dreams Freedom - huge price discrepancy full to queen

in going to various latex shops, quite a few sell the full and queen mattress for nearly identical pricing. the Ultimate Dreams Freedom is a whopping $300 more expensive for queen :ohmy: anyone know why? foam sweet foam quoted me the exact same price for full and queen. i would expect a difference but not $300 :huh:

Hi doamiagnew,

The normal difference between the prices of the full size and the queen size Freedom Mattress is $200 but the full is $100 less on the Dreamfoam site than on Amazon so for some reason for those that are looking at a full size they would be getting a bit of a discount compared to the regular price on Amazon. If I was in the market for a full size I certainly wouldn’t mind a $100 lower price regardless of why they have reduced it :slight_smile:

If you purchase from the Dreamfoam site you would also have an additional 10% discount (see their facebook page here) and you would have the benefit of their 45 day comfort guarantee as well.