Ultimate Dreams King Eurotop Latex...


I have multiple questions.

I’m really impressed with all the great reviews I’m seeing for this Ultimate Dreams Eurotop latex bed on Amazon. I think the price is great too for such a highly rated bed. I’m trying to convince my wife that maybe we should get one of these, but I don’t know if I can sell her on buying something she can’t try out first.
Are there any major department stores that sell latex beds just so she could get a feel for what they are like?

Also, in regards to the different firmness levels of these beds…my wife likes a really soft bed that she can almost sink in to…she grew up on a water bed, and she’s never been able to accept our spring mattress. She actually really wants a Sleep Number bed…I just can’t bring myself to spending that kind of money for an air mattress and a lot of the comments on those beds seem like they have a lot of problems.

But anyways, back to firmness question…we are both heavy people. I am about 300# and my wife probably around 250. She likes super soft and sinking feeling…I like soft/plush, yet still supportive (like the kind of bed you’d find at a good hotel like a Hilton). My wife and I are both back and side sleepers. I generally have to fall asleep on my back and will often wake up on my side. I understand these beds can be split on each side by Dreamfoam to different comfort levels…with that being said, and based on what I like and what my wife prefers, are there any recommendations for firmness levels just to get an idea?

Hi bgaviator,

If you let me know your city or zip code I’d be happy to let you know of any of the better options or possibilities in your area and you could check with them to see if any of them have a latex hybrid mattress that may be “somewhat similar” to the Ultimate Dreams Eurotop. I would keep in mind though that there are hundreds of different styles of latex or latex hybrid mattresses (that may have softer or firmer comfort layers for comfort/pressure relief and softer or firmer support cores for support/alignment) just like there are hundreds of different innerspring mattresses that can be very different from each other so testing one may be completely different from testing another with a different design. There may be some local options though that can give you a sense of the “feel” of Talalay latex (which is the type of latex used in the Eurotop). One of the advantages of the Eurotop as well is that if your sleeping experience indicates that the comfort layers are too soft or firm for you that you can exchange them for a different firmness level.

Since you are also in a higher than average weight range it would also be worth reading post #3 here and the posts it links to about higher weights. It may also be worth considering one of the mattresses from Dreamfoam’s sister company Brooklyn Bedding which use a higher density base foam and/or thicker layers of latex that may be a better choice to accommodate your higher weight (see post #2 here and post #2 here).

You can read some of my thoughts about airbeds in this article. I would also keep in mind that the only thing you can adjust with an airbed is the air bladder support layers … not the comfort layers … and that softer settings may be risky for good alignment because they can sag in the middle of the mattress where you may need better support.

When you can’t test a mattress in person then your best source of guidance will be a more detailed conversation with a manufacturer or retailer (in this case Dreamfoam). They will know more about their mattresses and which of the options they have available would be the best match for different body types and sleeping styles and would have your best chance of success than anyone else (see mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here). I would keep in mind that a mattress that is “perfect” for one person or couple may be completely unsuitable for another.


Thanks for your info regarding my question about the Brooklyn Bedding/Dreamfoam latex mattresses. My zip code is 38016.
I also did a chat with Mario at Brooklyn Bedding, and his reccomendation based on our weights and sleeping style was to get the total latex bed that would use a Dunlop core material, and then a Talalay top layer at a level 6 for me and a 7 for my wife. He said the Bamboo Bliss model would still be supportive, but thinks the all latex would be better…is this due to our higher weights?
I saw their 10" all latex bed, and it is almost twice as much $ as the Bamboo Bliss I was looking at!

I also recently got to lay on a Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe, and it felt wonderful too. Now I’m torn! Latex or memory foam? but, I haven’t gotten to try out a latex bed in person yet.

Hi bgaviator,

I would imagine so yes. This would allow you to customize both the support layers and the comfort layers as well rather than just the top layer.

They also have the Aloe Alexis which has two layers of latex which would also be more suitable for higher weights and is “in between” an all latex mattress and a hybrid with a single layer because it has two layers of latex on top. You can read more about an all latex mattress vs a latex/polyfoam hybrid in post #2 here.

The better options or possibilities I’m aware of in and around the Memphis area are listed in post #2 here.

While the choice between memory foam and latex would be a personal preference … I would be very cautious about any memory foam mattress that was that soft and had thicker layers of 4 lb memory foam in the top layer (such as the Cloud Luxe) with your weights both because of the risk of alignment issues and because of potential durability issues as well.