Ultimate Dreams - King

Long time stalker.
Figured I would contribute my experience on a new mattress. Maybe others will benefit as I have from the posts on here.
I am leaving the innerspring behind and giving the latex a try. The innerspring is about 5-6 years old and my back pain has been slowly coming back as the trough in my mattress increases. Less than impressed with how short lived it has been (and how much is cost).

Stats on the sleepers:
I am 6’1" and 180 pounds. I have on/off lower back pain (including a ruptured disc). I like to sleep on my back but switch to the side during the night when I wake (more so as the current bed ages). I can sleep the entire night on my back soundly on a firmer mattress that has plenty of support.
My wife is 5’6" and 125 lbs. She likes side sleeping mostly but will sleep on back and occasionally her stomach. She likes a soft nest to crawl into. But given places we have slept, she can sleep on anything really.

So after lots of reading on here and elsewhere I chose a Ultimate Dreams King Dreamfoam. And I went with a comfort level of 4. My goal is a mattress that is slightly firmer than medium. I forget who it was on here that posted a video of the 5 with him laying on it, but that was very helpful in deciding the number. Hopefully I guessed right (obviously chuck helped confirm this).

So it should be here soon. I will follow up with my thoughts in a couple days.

Hi justsnozin,

Congratulations on your new mattress and thanks for sharing your feedback and experience :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to your report when you’ve had the chance to sleep on it.


We just received the Ultimate Dreams Queen (two days ago) and so far I love it, my wife likes it also but she thinks its a bit firm.
I’m 6’ 180 pounds and a stomach sleeper… wife is 5’ 4" 125 and a back sleeper. We chose a firmness of “5” after emailing back and forth with Chuck (Brooklyn Bedding) who responded to every email promptly !
I will report back after a month or so for a update.

I would also like to thank Phoenix for this site !


Well, I am back. I was unexpectedly out of town over the past few weeks so I was unable to share my initial thoughts.

The bed arrived while I was away so my wife set it up. It is extremely heavy, so I would suggest 2 people for it. From what I heard, it nearly crushed her on the stairs more than once. But she is rather determined so once she has the idea in her head…anyway, I don’t think there is much to say about the setup anyway, that has been covered on forums and even videos.

What I bet most people are concerned with, if you are reading this, is the firmness. As noted before, I selected the 4. Both my wife and I were concerned as there are many notes on the web about these mattresses running firm. Well as soon as I lied down on it, my fears were gone. It must be the “plush” top, but it felt much softer than I thought. Don’t get me wrong, that was just the top, the support is very much there, but it didn’t feel like a sleeping on the floor like I thought it might (ok for me to feel like a floor, but not my wife). So the firmness/support of the mattress itself has been very good. No lower back pain in the morning that had started to creep back with our old mattress. I even sleep on my side at times and I am comfortable doing so. If anything I would say the mattress is softer than I would have imagined. Please NOTE though, I have this on the quality box spring from the Simmons mattress we had before so that may contribute to the softer feeling. But in my opinion, the firmness is true to what is stated by Chuck. 4 being on the firmer side on normal, but not much. I am glad I did not go higher on the scale (softer). I don’t think I would have been happy with something softer (5 and up). I would be curious what a 3 would fee like (probably too firm for my wife though). So bottom line, tell Chuck everything you are thinking and any comparisons you have. He knows better than anyone what will work. I needed a compromise between my need for firm and her desire for a bit softer (nesting feel) and that is exactly what we got. I think the plush top is the key.

As for value…who knows. Price is obviously good. So it would come down to quality, and that we will just have to see over time. But I spent 3 times as much for our last “nice” innerspring, that I am happy to get rid of after 5 years. So even if this last 2 years, I am even. But something tells me this should last the next 5 years, at least.

Another concern I had was smell. None that I could tell. I got home a couple days after it was set up and there was no noticeable smell. My wife never mentioned a smell even when setting it up.

Bottom line - would I buy from them again, Yes. No doubt about it. Both my wife and I are happy.

Let me know if there are any questions on something I didn’t cover. I would be happy to help.

Oh, and we got the latex pillow. I can’t comment on it, but my wife is using it and says she likes it. I am better off with no or very little pillow, and the latex pillow is pretty big (well normal, just big for me). So just not a good fit for me.

sorry for the rambling, but hopefully i got my thoughts across.

Hi justnozin,

Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed review :slight_smile:

Reviews like yours that touch on some of the real life concerns that many people have when ordering a mattress online are very helpful and rather than “rambling” I would call it informative and “real”. I think it will also help others that are facing the same choices as you and share the same initial doubts and uncertainty about who they are working with and what to choose.

I’m grateful that you took the time to share your experiences with the other forum members and as you know … I think you made a great choice!


So I am back again. A little of 6 months later. So far so good. Both of us are still happy with the mattress. The ONLY issue I have so far is that we seem to be leaving slight impressions where we sleep (me more than her). We both tend to sleep in the same spot even though the mattress is large enough to move around (we have little ones who come in and occupy the middle on most nights), so I have notice a slight “trough” developing. Two nights ago I rotated the bed 90 degrees (not 180). It does change the dimensions slightly as a king is not square, but not much. It was like new again and felt good.

Now, we did have larger troughs develop in our old mattress just as quick or probably quicker, but that was probably exaggerated due to the pillow top. We would re-fluff it and rotate it to help it out. Not saying I was happy that it happened, but that is how we tried to deal with it.

So I am not sure if these spots we sleep in regularly are “breaking in” and getting softer or we are compacting these spots and if there is any way to restore it.

Might be questions for Chuck…

-overall, still happy with purchase

Wow. Sent an email to Chuck after I wrote this and he replied right away. Figured I would share:

A small impression is very normal. The foam is going to settle where you lay and where you don’t lay the foam does not get a chance to settle.

Most of the time these impressions show up very quickly, but never get any deeper.

By rotating the mattress 90 degrees you are extending the life of your mattress quite a bit.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to email me or give me a call.

-so I will continue on my happy way. Probably rotate every 6 months or so. I will try to remember to check back in here again after another 6 months. Great service and so far a great mattress.

Hi justsnozin,

I see that Chuck is faster in replying than I am today … but his answer is the same as mine would be :slight_smile:

All soft materials will soften to some degree and develop slight impressions compared to the areas that aren’t used and aren’;t normally slept on (like the middle of the mattress) and no soft material stays perfectly flat. The difference is that the impressions and softening will be much less and in most cases will have no significant effect on your sleeping experience with higher quality materials and the slight impressions won’t turn into the deep hills and valleys that are so common with thicker layers of lower quality materials.

As he also mentioned … one of the advantages of having a king size mattress is that you can turn the mattress 1/4 turn (even though it’s not quite the same dimensions in both directions) which means that you are sleeping on different areas of the mattress so that the foam has a chance to soften more evenly.

A good schedule to rotate a mattress (or flip a two sided mattress) would be once a season.

Thanks for the update!