Ultimate Dreams Latex 10 or Ultimate Dreams Euro pillow top 13?

Hi Pheonix,

I recently purchased the Sherwood Oasis Pillowtop bed and after 60 days the company is picking it up.
I have never had so much back pain in my life, I am a 40 year old healthy woman, about 145 llbs. 5’6 in height., My husband and I wanted something plush and luxurious and we both agreed this bed is a nightmare for us. We went back to the store and liked the the feel of the Tempurpedic Cloud Breeze Supreme but are not really excited about owning a foam mattress. We have both agreed that the latex would be the better option for us, thanks to you!! We like a medium plush feel, yet I am leary to purchase just the ultimate mattress alone. I am scared that it may be too firm. What do you think about the Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Mattress 13 inch, particulary the feel and difference from just the mattress alone? Also, how do I get the discount if I am ordering on Amazon? Thank you for your help.

Hi ariabella,

I can only speak to the quality and value of a mattress because there is no formula or theory that can accurately predict how someone else will feel on any particular mattress based on “theory at a distance”. There are just too many variables of body type, sleeping position, preferences, sensitivities, and physiology.

How a mattress feels or performs for any particular person is a combination of objective, subjective, and intangible factors and the only accurate way to know how any mattress will feel for you is with your own personal testing on mattresses with a similar design and materials or by sleeping on it in person. If this isn’t possible … then the next best way to make a choice is with more detailed conversations with a manufacturer or retailer who is more familiar with the details of their own mattresses than anyone else and can use their knowledge and insights and the “averages” of their customers who seem similar to you to help you make a choice that you believe is best for you. It wouldn’t be doing anyone any favors for me to guess at a comfort choice about a mattress that I’ve never even seen or slept on in person or in the absence of more detailed reference points when the best source or information and guidance is the manufacturer themselves.

Again … there is no way for me to know how a mattress will feel for anyone that could possible be more accurate than your own testing on similar mattresses or the guidance of the manufacturer themselves. I’m not clear which mattress you mean though because the Ultimate Dreams Eurotop is a latex mattress and is 12" and their Ultimate Dreams gel memory foam mattress is the one that is 13". I’m also not clear what you are trying to compare when you say the difference from just the mattress alone (I’m not sure what you are trying to compare the mattress alone to?). If it’s the 13" gel memory foam mattress you are referring to then they have said that it has a similar feel to the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe except it is a little bit firmer and member feedback indicates that most people would probably agree with this so if you test this you would have a good idea of how it feels for most people.

There is no discount on their Amazon mattresses, only on the mattresses on their Brooklyn Bedding site. The forum member bonus for their Amazon mattresses is a bonus shredded latex pillow. This only applies if the order is fulfilled by Dreamfoam not by Amazon and you just need to provide them with your mattress forum membername.