Ultimate Dreams Latex for 5 Year Old

Hello, I bought an Ultimate Dreams Aloe Alexis from Dreamfoam/Brooklyn Bedding and I’ve had nothing but great experiences with it.

Im looking into the regular Ultimate Dreams Latex for my 5 year old and was wondering if it would be a good choice? I know that it uses less latex and the mattress cover is a bamboo knit instead of aloe/cotton knit (not really sure what the knit differences mean). Anyways I just want to know if this a good choice or should look at other options?

Hi losty1,

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I’m happy to hear that your personal mattress has worked out well.

For younger children, any mattress that uses materials that are “durable enough” that you would also consider to be “safe enough” and are in a medium to medium firm range would generally be a suitable choice for a child.

The latex comfort layer in the Ultimate Dreams Latex is a very durable material (latex in general is the most durable of the different foam materials) and a 1.8 lb polyfoam base layer also meets the minimum guidelines that I would normally suggest for adults that aren’t in higher than average weight ranges (more than the lower 200’s or so) and would certainly be suitable for a child in terms of durability so the DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams Latex make a great quality/value choice that would be well worth considering.

Post #2 here and the topics it links to have more information about mattresses and children and “safe” materials including a link to some general guidelines for children in post #2 here. It also includes a number of links to the better forum posts and topics about mattress and children as well which have more information about many good options for children which are worth considering. The Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams Latex uses an Oeko-Tex certified latex comfort layer and CertiPUR-US polyfoam which would certainly be “safe enough” for most people. The “bamboo” refers to the base product used to create the fibers used in the stretch knit covering of this mattress.

If you’re considering ordering this mattress, I would also talk with Dreamfoam about which of their firmness levels would be most suitable for your child since they will know more about which of their specific firmness options would be the best “match” for your child than anyone else.