Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress by Dreamfoam


Does anyone know the fire retardant chemicals used in this mattress? I know there are several posts on this forum about this mattress, but I haven’t found this specific detail anywhere. I am convinced that it’s a good mattress, based on the 277 - 4.9 star average on amazon. I just want to make sure that safety concerns are checked before purchasing because this will be for my 2.5 year old, who is quite sensitive to chemicals - not to mention, I do not want her to be sleeping for 12 hours a night on anything that off-gasses chemicals.

I have my concerns about the polyfoam as well, but from everything I’ve read, it doesn’t seem to be as scary as it is in my mind :slight_smile:

Any input is appreciated.


Hi boogirl,

I believe they use an inherent viscose/silica fire barrier (which I consider to be safe) except for one of their models which uses wool but I’m not certain of this so you would need to call them and ask to find out for sure. Their number is 877-955-5503.